After Hunter had to respond to a child's inquiry in Ireland, Joe Biden made fun of him and said, 'I am so embarrassed for my country'

 April 15, 2023

During the president's journey to Ireland on Wednesday, Hunter Biden had to explain a child's query to his father, President Joe Biden, startling social media users.

The older Biden appeared confused after struggling to answer the child's query about accomplishment, according to a report by Fox News.

This trip comes after several questions about the Biden family have caused mistrust among conservatives. The president's trip answer has made several headlines.

The Exchange

"What’s the top step to success?" the child asked the president.

"What’s the top what?" Biden responded.

"Step — steps — step to success," the child answered.

Biden responded that the way to be successful is to stop COVID-19 from spreading: "Oh, well, making sure that we don’t all have COVID. What — why — what are we talking about here?" he asked.

At this point, Hunter Biden intervened: "If you can — what’s the — what’s the key to success?" the president's son asked, attempting to clarify the child's question.

"Oh, what’s the key to success? You know what I found out is the key to success is? And I’m not sure I’m the best guy to explain it; these guys can tell you," the president responded.

Response to the President

"Omg. Hunter Biden is our president, isn't he?" Ashe Short, the senior editor at Daily Wire, said. Greg Price, a conservative commentator wrote, "Hunter steps in to help his father understand the question being asked to him by a child lmfao."

"We're all gonna die in a nuclear fireball," author David Jack Smith wrote, and Tom Elliott, founder of Grabien, tweeted "That the president can't hear, talk, or think seems like it should be a bigger issue."

Brian Doherty, a conservative commentator, advocated the use of the 25th amendment to remove Biden from office: "What's great is he's the leader of the free world and has no idea WTH what he's talking about. #25thAmendment."

"I am so embarrassed for my country," conservative writer Jerry Fuhrman tweeted, and Fox News contributor Joe Concha said, "This might be the most disturbing exchange yet by the sitting president in taking a question from a child in Dublin. Don't expect to see this anywhere in terms of most media outlets, and the ‘late-night comedians’ will totally avoid it."

Jake Schneider, who works for the RNC, joked that the younger Biden acted as a press secretary: "Hunter Biden, de facto press secretary: ‘Dad, he’s got a question'", he wrote. "To be fair, Hunter would be a far better press secretary than Karine Jean-Pierre."

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