Air marshals sound alarm on being deployed to deal with Biden's border crisis

 December 2, 2022

Disgruntled air marshals have called on Joe Biden to stop sending them to the southern border, warning the deployments are making air travel more dangerous for commercial flyers.

A scathing letter to the administration cited recent "security incidents" that marshals were unable to address, as Biden tasks them with responding to his self-inflicted border disaster.

Biden blasted by Air Marshals

In a letter to Biden's Department of Homeland Security, Air Marshal National Council President David Londo complained that the administration's actions have left "highly skilled Federal Air Marshals" performing "mainly non-law enforcement civilian humanitarian duties" at the border.

He urged Biden to "stop these dangerous and irresponsible deployments before our adversaries take advantage of the opportunity this policy has provided.”

Londo cited two recent "security incidents" on commercial flights in which no marshals were present to disrupt dangerous airline passengers.

"According to the Washington Post on November 11, 2022 a man boarded a Frontier flight 1761 with two box cutters," Londo said.

"The man threatened to stab the passengers and crew and had to be subdued by other passengers. The flight was forced to divert and the suspect was taken into custody."

Making America less safe

This is just another example of how Biden has reimagined "homeland security" for the worse.

Biden's DHS has prioritized policing so-called "disinformation" and slandering Border Patrol agents for doing their jobs.

Instead of addressing the border crisis, the administration is now diverting air marshals from their real jobs so they can deal with the mess that Biden caused, making Americans less safe in the process.

One marshal was told he must deploy to the border despite telling the agency he has no childcare, Londo said in his letter. He told the Washington Examiner that marshals who are fed up with "babysitting" immigrants may walk off the job.

“The rank and file air marshals are going to refuse to deploy and risk termination,” Londo told the Washington Examiner. “You’re almost going to have a mutiny of a federal agency, which is unheard of.”

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