Al Gore set to resign from Apple's board of directors after hitting Big Tech company's age limit of 75

 January 12, 2024

Former Vice President Al Gore will be forced to resign from Apple's board of directors at some point in 2024, according to TheBlaze.

Gore, who has been a member of Apple's board for two decades, has bumped up against the Big Tech company's traditional age limit of 75 for board members.

The former politician-turned-climate activist previously represented his home state of Tennessee in the U.S. House and Senate and then most famously served two terms as former President Bill Clinton's vice president before just barely losing the 2000 presidential race to former President George W. Bush.

Gore out at Apple's board after 20 years

Apple issued a press release on Thursday to announce that Dr. Wanda Austin, the former CEO and president of The Aerospace Corporation, had been nominated to be the newest member of Apple's board of directors.

At the same time that Austin was set to join the board, the release also announced that two current members of the board, Al Gore and James Bell, the former CEO of Boeing, would soon be stepping down from Apple's board.

The press release explained, "The board has a longstanding policy that directors generally may not stand for reelection after reaching age 75. As a result, Al Gore, who has served since 2003, and James Bell, who joined in 2015, will both retire from Apple’s board this year."

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a statement, "We’re deeply grateful to Al and James for their many years of service to Apple -- their insights, energy, and values have made us a stronger company in so many ways."

Cook added specifically of Gore, "For more than 20 years, Al has contributed an incredible amount to our work -- from his unconditional support for protecting our users’ privacy, to his incomparable knowledge of environment and climate issues."

Well-compensated for his board membership

The Hill reported that according to a recent filing from Apple with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, it is expected that both Gore and Bell will formally resign from the company's board of directors during the annual shareholder's meeting scheduled for February.

As a board member, Gore served on that body's corporate governance committee as well as its people and compensation committee.

Speaking of compensation, the former vice president reportedly received $376,894 from Apple in 2023, which included around $100,000 in fees earned and more than $275,000 in awarded stocks.

Altogether, it is believed that Gore holds nearly 469,000 shares of Apple stock which is estimated to be valued at approximately $87 million.

Likely to focus even more on climate change alarmism

It does not appear that former VP Gore has made any public statement yet about his pending removal from Apple's board of directors due to the company's age limit policy for board members.

It is also unclear what he will do once his board membership has officially concluded, but it seems most likely that he will continue to devote his time and energy to continuing to raise the alarm about the supposed impending disaster of man-made climate change -- an issue he has pushed for decades with dire predictions of imminent catastrophic doom that have repeatedly failed to pan out over time.

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