Alabama AG Steve Marshall predicted Michael Cohen's testimony would not help Alvin Bragg

 May 15, 2024

Former President Donald Trump has had a long list of high-profile supporters join him in the courtroom during his New York "hush money" trial. 

According to Fox News, one of those supporters was Alabama Republican Attorney General Steve Marshall, a veteran 30-year prosecutor who delivered bad news for DA Alvin Bragg and his star witness.

This week, Trump's former "fixer," Michael Cohen -- Bragg's star witness -- took the stand and created endless headlines.

Marshall predicted off the bat that Cohen was going to have a "really bad day" in court that wouldn't do Bragg and his prosecutors any favors.

What's going on?

Like most others in Trump's corner, Marshall is sure that the trial is a politically driven "sham," insisting that it doesn't have to do with any criminal matters and is only a tactic to keep Trump off of the 2024 campaign trail.

Marshall correctly predicted that Trump's lawyers were going to tear Cohen a new one, legally speaking.

"Michael Cohen is going to have a really bad day," Marshall said.

The Alabama AG added, "He's got a lot of explaining to do, and the only thing the jury is going to be able to conclude is that while Michael Cohen made a career on monetizing his relationship with Donald Trump, his testimony in this case was designed to monetize his ability to get Donald Trump a conviction, and that is not going to play very well."

"And by the time the defense team has this testimony, he's going to be completely discredited," Marshall added.

What crime?

Like many others from across the political spectrum, Marshall questioned how Bragg and his prosecutors could convince a jury that an actual crime had taken place, without a reasonable doubt.

"What seemingly gets lost in the discussion is what this case is about, and that is, false business entries into the records on Trump that inherently, according to the prosecution, lead to some other criminal offense, some conspiracy to commit some other crime. And I haven't seen it," Marshall said.

He added:

And the discussion about the NDA negotiations with Stormy Daniels' lawyers, the references to what took place, had no bearing on what the prosecution ultimately has to prove – which is that Donald Trump was aware of false entries, did so with a fraudulent intent and that that was designed to be able to commit another offense – which is yet has not been disclosed.

Many legal observers and experts believe it's near impossible for Bragg to prove that Trump committed a crime, let alone one worth convicting a former president -- and perhaps the next president.

The trial is expected to come to an end in the coming weeks or sooner.

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