Alabama Supreme Court Declines To Revisit 'Embryos Are Children' Ruling

 May 5, 2024

Let there be no further question about it.

Alabama's Supreme Court has upheld their 7-2 decision from February by declining to revisit the case:

Yes, embryos are children.

The decision was made back in February 2024, and it set off a fair number of liberals in this country.

A decent amount of conservatives were skeptical about the ruling as well.

Recently, Alabama's Supreme Court was presented the opportunity to revisit the case as a result of now having a few months to examine what type of impact it would have on the people of Alabama and the rest of America.

The court declined to revisit their 7-2 decision from February, meaning that it will stay state law that frozen embryos are classified as "extrauterine children."

Justice Will Sellers was one of the two in the minority, and he was vocal about his dissent:

"The majority opinion on original submission had significant and sweeping implications for individuals who were entirely unassociated with the parties in the case. Many of those individuals had no reason to believe that a legal and routine medical procedure would be delayed, much less denied, as a result of this Court’s opinion," Sellers said.

Alabama's original decision from the court came about as a result of a lawsuit by three sets of parents who had had their frozen embryos accidentally destroyed at a storage facility.

The decision means that the parents had the ability to pursue wrongful death lawsuits against the eggs despite them not being fertilized, because Alabama's government had classified them as children.

Backlash came swiftly and severely because several places that formerly provided IVF (in vitro fertilization) services immediately ceased to provide them because of the possibility of lawsuits.

Hillary Clinton did NOT let the opportunity go to waste

America's famous presidential loser immediately jumped into the discussion, trying to gaslight Americans into thinking this meant that birth control as we know it was going to cease to exist.

"They came for abortion first. Now it’s [in vitro fertilization], and next it’ll be birth control," Hillary Clinton publicly stated.

If Clinton was meaning to whip up enough of a frenzy about the decision to get the court to revisit it, she has absolutely failed.

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