Alan Dershowitz says Fani Willis needs to face a special prosecutor

 March 8, 2024

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis made headlines last year when she indicted former President Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants on charges related to the 2020 election.

Yet according to longtime attorney and Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz, Willis could end up facing criminal charges of her own.

Dershowitz claims to have "never seen a stupider, stupider, district attorney"

Dershowitz made that assertion during a Wednesday appearance on Newsmax's "National Report," pointing to growing evidence that Willis was involved in a romantic relationship before she hired special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

"I taught legal ethics and criminal law at Harvard for nearly half a century, and I've been practicing 60 years," Dershowitz pointed out.

"I've never seen a stupider, stupider, district attorney than one who would commence a sexual affair with the man who she either just hired or was about to hire in the most important case of her life, in the most important case in the history of Fulton County," he continued.

"I just cannot imagine anything as dumb, and I hope the voters of Fulton County agree with me when it comes to throwing her out of office," the legal scholar proclaimed.

Allegations of witness tampering

"I mean, she cannot serve as the district attorney, and she cannot be a responsible prosecutor against Donald Trump," Dershowitz insisted.

He then went on to reference a court filing which cited geolocation data from Wade's cell phone suggesting that he was a frequent late-night visitor to Willis' home.

That evidence contradicts sworn statements by both Wade and Willis that their romantic connection did not begin until after Wade had been hired.

What's more, the New York Post reported this week that a new witness may testify Willis warned Wade's former divorce attorney and business partner Terrence Bradley not to discuss their affair.

Dershowitz: "There are people in jail" for what Willis is accused of

In response, Dershowitz called for a special prosecutor to look at possible "obstruction of justice and tampering with witnesses by the district attorney herself."

"According to the submission, she may have made a phone call to one of the potential witnesses telling him not to speak to anybody. There are people in jail for that," Dershowitz pointed out.

"There are people in jail for that. … She had to know that there were legal proceedings that were imminent," the legal scholar insisted.

"If she's telling people not to cooperate with law enforcement, that could be witness tampering and obstruction of justice," Dershowitz stressed.

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