CNN's Alice Stewart passes away at age 58

 May 20, 2024

You know you were a truly incredible person in the sphere of politics when members from both the right and the left are mourning your passing.

Alice Stewart, a Republican presidential campaign worker and CNN political commentator has died at 58, according to the network.

Her body was discovered outdoors on May 18, 2024, according to law enforcement officials in Alexandria, Virginia. They believe a medical emergency occurred.

Stewart began working in political communications back in 2008 when Mike Huckabee was making a run at the White House. Her last campaign that she worked on was that of Ted Cruz in 2016, the same year that CNN hired her.

Conservative, but individual

Despite being a Republican personality on a Democrat network, Alice Stewart seemed pretty good at staying true to what she believed without compromising to please one side over the other.

It must have been a VERY interesting spot to be in, finding a role as a Republican in one of the most notoriously liberal businesses in all of America.

"My position at CNN is to be a conservative voice yet an independent thinker," Stewart said back in 2020. "I’m not a Kool-Aid drinker; I’m not a never-Trumper, and I didn’t check my common sense and decency at the door when I voted for."

I don't care what anyone says, Alice Stewart will always have my respect for being strong enough to vote for Trump while working at CNN.

Alice Stewart was loved

That much was clear VERY quickly as news of Stewart's death spread across the internet:

"Heartbreaking," said Ted Cruz. "Alice was wonderful and talented and a dear friend. And she loved America fiercely. She lived every day to the fullest, and she will be deeply missed. May God’s comfort and peace be upon her loved ones. RIP."

It wasn't just conservatives who were celebrating Stewart's life upon hearing the news. Multiple CNN personalities revealed how much she meant to them as well.

CNN CEO Mark Thompson called Stewart "a very dear friend and colleague to all of us."

She was "A political veteran and an Emmy Award-winning journalist who brought an incomparable spark to CNN’s coverage, known across our bureaus not only for her political savvy, but for her unwavering kindness," Thompson said. "Our hearts are heavy as we mourn such an extraordinary loss."

CNN political commentator Maria Cardona said that Stewart was like a "sister" to her.

"I want everyone to know what a special person she was, especially in this industry," Cardona said. "As you know, today’s politics can be indecent and so dirty, and Alice was just such a loving, shining light."

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