Alina Habba, Trump's attorney, 'worries' that liberals have lost 'all sense of reality'

 May 27, 2024

Over the holiday weekend, liberal friends and family members of New York jurors in Donald Trump's hush money case could infect them with "Trump Derangement Syndrome," according to the president's long-time lawyer.

Upon Tuesday's court return, closing arguments will be presented in the case against the former president on 34 counts of falsifying company documents.

The jury will then be instructed to deliberate and consider a verdict, as The Daily Mail reported.

Criticism From the Attorney

Judge Juan Merchan was criticized by Alina Habba, who was Trump's attorney in the civil fraud case, for failing to reserve a hotel room for the potential last weekend of the six-week trial.

"For them to be able to be out and about on a holiday weekend with friends and families who have opinions, who are watching the news, TV's on the background at the pool party, I have serious concerns," she told Sean Duffy on Fox News.

"If they're left-winging and they're watching MSDNC, as my client calls it, or CNN, they're not going to get fair news," she explained.

"I have worries about them going back to whatever friends might have, Trump derangement syndrome, forgetting all sense of reality and coming back and sitting in that box and saying, you know what, I've got to do, you know, take one for the DNC," she went on.

"I want law to fact, because if we can get that, we will win," she concluded. "We will not just get a hung jury. We will get an acquittal."

Jury's Journey Out

On April 22, following three days of back-and-forth between the defense and prosecution attorneys, the twelve jurors were sworn in.

A software engineer, a teacher, an investment banker, a corporate lawyer, and five other women round out the group of eleven. In response to a question on his news sources, the jury foreman mentioned, among others.

However, when asked about her thoughts in court, one of the female jurors referred to the former president as "selfish."

In addition to the widely-followed anti-Trump account Mueller She Wrote, another individual claimed to follow Michael Cohen, a former Trump lawyer and prosecution witness, on social media.

And 50% of those people admitted that the New York Times, which tends to tilt left, is where they acquire part or all of their news.

Other Reports

According to reports, Joe Biden is eagerly awaiting the verdict that might end Trump's presidential campaign by making him the first former president to be convicted of a felony.

The president is likely to deliver an address at the White House following the delivery of the verdict, according to the WSJ, but he has refrained from commenting on the issue thus far.

If the former president is found guilty, his campaign staff intends to begin using the term "Convicted Felon Donald Trump" in all of their communications.

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