Almost half of Americans think Biden did something 'illegal' with Hunter Biden

 September 23, 2023

The mainstream media, Democrats and the White House can downplay it all they want, but nearly half of Americans feel like President Joe Biden knows much more than he lets on about his son's foreign business dealings. 

According to the New York Post, a bombshell poll revealed that 48% of Americans feel President Biden did something "illegal regarding Hunter Biden."

A Yahoo News/YouGov survey published Wednesday revealed the alarming number, which presumably has the White House in a full panic, given how close the 2024 election is.

Only 31%, overall, believe Biden didn't do anything illegal regarding his son's dealings.

Terrible numbers

Biden is already struggling even to convince his own voting base to give him another shot at another term in the White House.

Matters have been made significantly worse with the developing drama regarding Hunter Biden's growing scandal, especially as House Republicans continue their deep dive into exactly what happened.

The Post noted:

A slightly lower 41% of Americans say Biden was “involved” in his son’s business, more than the 31% who say he was not. The poll also found 43% say Joe Biden “made money off” Hunter’s deals while 28% say he did not.

When the survey's respondents were asked if they believed "Joe Biden and his family are corrupt," 47% said "yes."

Only 33% said the opposite, that they do not believe they are corrupt, and the remaining 19% said they were undecided.

The outlet added:

Meanwhile, 67% of Americans say Hunter Biden, 53, definitely or probably did something illegal — including 88% of Republicans, 77% of independents and 55% of Democrats.

Most Americans (62%) also approve of Hunter Biden being indicted earlier this month on gun charges — and 55% would support a future indictment for peddling access to his father to land “foreign business deals.”


House Republicans announced last week that a formal impeachment inquiry will be opened against President Biden.

As it stands, 42% of Americans oppose the impeachment of President Biden, while 37% are in favor. Other polls have showed numbers that are more evenly split, though depending on the results of the inquiry, that could also shift, significantly.

It would take a full House vote and 218 votes in favor of moving the impeachment to the Senate for a full trial, where Biden undoubtedly has a better chance of being acquitted, given the Democrats' majority control.

Only time will tell how bad all of the scandals, impeachment, and low polling numbers will hurt the president's chances in 2024, if he even makes it that far without being pushed out.

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