Almost half of Dems want to kick Biden off ticket: Report

 February 28, 2024

According to the results of a recent poll, nearly half of the Democratic Party's members want someone other than President Joe Biden to be at the top of their party's ticket in 2024.

Michelle Obama, who served as first lady, is the prominent candidate to take his position, according to a report by The New York Post, who outlined the results of the poll.

According to a survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports and published on Monday, approximately 48% of Democratic voters who were interviewed expressed their approval of the party "finding another candidate to replace Joe Biden before the election in November," while 38% of respondents expressed their disapproval of the idea. Only 33% of Democrats, on the other hand, believe that a ballot shakeup is likely to occur.

Results on Biden

In the case that Biden, who is 81 years old, has decided not to run for re-election, the pollster discovered that there is little agreement among prospective Democratic voters on who should replace him on the ballot this autumn.

A list of candidates that included Vice President Kamala Harris, former first lady Hillary Clinton, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, "none of the above," and "not sure" was presented to the group. However, Obama, who is sixty years old, emerged as the most popular candidate, getting twenty percent of the vote.

According to the results of the poll, many Democrats, specifically 27%, chose "none of the above."

Following the former first lady was the vice president, with fifteen percent of Democrats expressing that they would support Harris leaping to the head of the ticket. Other candidates included the former first lady.

Other Possible Candidates

Among the Democrats, 12% expressed their support for Clinton, who is 76 years old, to take over for Biden in the event of a probable rematch of the presidential election that took place in 2016.

With 11% of the vote, Newsom, who is 56 years old and has already been accused of launching a "shadow campaign" for the presidency in the event that Biden is forced to withdraw from the race due to health concerns, gained support.

Whitmer, who is 52 years old, is the youngest of the group, and only nine percent of potential Democratic voters chose her as their candidate of choice."Uncertain" was the response given by six percent of respondents.

In September, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) made the argument that President Obama may be "parachuted in" at the Democratic National Convention, which would be held in Chicago, the city of the former first lady. Cruz also mentioned that the party's choice for president would be Obama rather than Vice President Joe Biden.

Obama Response

Obama has made it clear on multiple occasions that she would prefer to take a step back from politics.

There are multiple surveys in important battleground states that show former Biden, who is the oldest president in the history of the United States, trailing former President Donald Trump, who is 77 years old and the front-runner for the Republican nomination.

However, Biden has not given any indication that he intends to step aside and enable another Democrat to run in his place.

Special Counsel Robert Hur's damning report on the controversy involving the president's confidential documents made reference to the fact that Biden would be 86 years old by the time he would finish his second term in office. The report also mentioned that his cognitive faculties were reportedly deteriorating.

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