Alvin Bragg accused of 'prosecutorial misconduct' by ignoring perjury from his star witness

 March 5, 2024

Lawyers for Donald Trump accused Alvin Bragg of "prosecutorial misconduct" in his handling of false testimony from Michael Cohen, the key witness in Bragg's hush money case against Trump. 

Bragg has "turned a blind eye to the repeated and admitted" perjury of Cohen while exerting "oppressive" pressure on former Trump financial officer Allen Weisselberg, lawyer Todd Blanche said in a letter to Bragg.

Weisselberg pled guilty to perjury Monday over statements he made during Trump's civil fraud trial.

Cohen, Trump's former lawyer, also testified at the trial, which ended with Trump being fined over $450 million.

Bragg's double standard

Appearing as a witness for the prosecution, Cohen contradicted his previous sworn testimony to Congress in which he said Trump never directed him to inflate his assets.

Cohen said his past testimony was a lie, then explained the discrepancy by saying Trump makes his demands known indirectly, "like a mob boss."

Despite Cohen's admitted perjury, Judge Arthur Engoron found Cohen credible, and Bragg has made clear he intends to use Cohen as his star witness.

Bragg has charged Trump with 34 felonies for "falsifying business records" over reimbursements that Cohen allegedly received for paying hush money to Stormy Daniels. Trump has denied having an affair with the porn star.

Blanche cited Bragg's apparent fixation with Trump, contrasting it with the prosecutor's notorious approach to handling street crime.

“Indeed, while you waste public resources in a desperate attempt to impede President Trump’s ongoing ascent to the White House, in violation of applicable prosecutorial guidelines prohibiting such election interference, you regularly and repeatedly allow those guilty of brutal attacks on law enforcement and murderers to roam free,” he continued.

Perjuy? What perjury?

Bragg's case against Trump is set to go to trial later this month, making it the first, and possibly last, of Trump's criminal cases to be resolved before the 2024 election.

Trump's two federal cases are facing delays, and his 2020 election case in Georgia is at risk of imploding over a conflict-of-interest scandal involving the prosecutor, Fani Willis.

Blanche blamed Weisselberg's guilty plea on "vindictive and oppressive pressure" from Bragg.

“[The district attorney’s] conscious choice to ignore obvious and admitted criminal conduct by Cohen and to instead deploy unethical, strong-armed tactics against an innocent man in his late 70s underscores the irresponsibility of your conduct in office,” Blanche wrote.

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