Alvin Bragg Downgraded 60% Of Felony Cases In 2023

 February 20, 2024

One of the reasons that it's so appalling that Alvin Bragg is going so hard after Donald Trump is because Alvin Bragg seems like he's completely unwilling to prosecute a single felon in New York.

In fact, he downgraded 60% of felony cases in 2023.

Think about that.

Three out of every five felonies that criminals are charged with in Manhattan are completely stopped.

But in the case of Donald Trump?

Just like corrupt Fani Willis in Georgia, Special Counsel Jack Smith, and Judge Arthur Engoron, Alvin Bragg is going all he can to go after Donald Trump.

There's only one reason for that.

Liberals are out to stop Donald Trump, not pursue justice.

As a matter of fact, Alvin Bragg has completely thrown out 14% of criminal cases since taking the job as Manhattan District Attorney in 2022.

All of these facts and figures really only prove the same point over and over again.

Liberals can say that their legal action against Donald Trump isn't politically motivated, but you only have to look at the facts to realize that the charges being pursued against Donald Trump are way out of whack with how other potential criminals are treated.

Alvin Bragg treats Trump differently by attacking Donald to the fullest extent of the law while letting the REAL criminals walk away, often without bail.

Judge Arthur Engoron is doing his best as well.

His fines against Donald Trump are so far outside the norm for Trump's type of case that it's really clear what the left is up to.

Still, Trump continues to fight, and he would like Americans to think that he is doing it for us.

Liberals are simply terrified that Donald Trump is going to take back the White House, so they're doing everything they can to stop him.

They know they probably won't beat Donald Trump at the ballot box, so they're attacking him in other ways.

Instead of trying to beat Trump on Election Day, liberals are just trying to steal all of his time, energy, and money before Trump is able to get there.

If Donald can keep fighting like he has been, it's probably not going to work.

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Thomas Jefferson
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