Alvin Bragg not likely to win case against Trump: Report

 May 19, 2024

The case against Donald Trump in New York is NOT going the way that Democrats would like it too, and there's one man who's just as responsible for those failures as anyone else.

Alvin Bragg has simply been unable to convince the rest of America that Donald Trump is guilty, and his credibility seems to be slipping with each decision Alvin Bragg makes.

Newsweek is reporting that the fact that Michael Cohen "stumbled, fumbled and mumbled" during his cross-examination in the hush money trial against former President Donald Trump.

Big Trouble for Bragg

Bragg was REALLY counting on Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen to put the nails in Trump's coffin, but it certainly appears as if the exact opposite has happened. Throughout the trial, both Daniels and Cohen have proved to be completely unreliable witnesses.

Just look at what Bill Maher had to say about Stormy Daniels. When even liberal commentators are talking like this, you know the prosecution is hanging by a thread.

By counting on Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen to be the people that put Donald Trump away, it's almost as if Bragg conceded his own case before it ever began. Bragg insisting that Daniels and Cohen would be the people to take Trump down is as ridiculous as when Joe Biden decided that Kamala Harris would be the person to fix America's southern border.

Bragg's credibility is shot

America knows that it can't trust Alvin Bragg. Bragg's dependence on Michael Cohen is part of the reason why.

Michael Cohen is a known liar, so when trusting Michael Cohen is a prerequisite to believing Alvin Bragg's assertion that Donald Trump committed a felony by sending hush money payment in regards to an adulterous affair, it's very hard to believe Alvin Bragg.

If Alvin Bragg ever had any REAL reason that Donald Trump should be convicted of a felony, wouldn't he have been able to get some people who were a little more reliable than Cohen and Daniels?

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett says that it shows just how desperate Alvin Bragg was that he allowed Cohen to testify:

"Cohen has essentially been lying about the two pivotal legal issues in the case and prosecutors know it, they wanted him to lie," Jarrett said. The real truth about the situation is that Cohen conducted the hush money arrangements in the shadows. Donald Trump allegedly was not involved and was only doing whatever he could protect his wife and make his mistake go away.

Donald Trump's biggest mistake may not have even been having an affair. It's getting involved with Michael Cohen.

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