Alvin Bragg 'quietly' preparing for Trump trial: Report

 January 26, 2024

Former President Donald Trump will possibly face multiple trials this year during his 2024 presidential campaign. 

One of those trials could be a result of the first indictment issued against the former president, which was issued by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.

The New York Times reported this week that Bragg is "quietly" working on his game plan and reportedly approaching witnesses for the upcoming trial, including former Trump fixer Michael Cohen.

Bragg's case, which has been ridiculed relentlessly by legal scholars for how "flimsy" it is, revolves around "hush money" Bragg says was paid to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

What's happening?

The Times indicated that Bragg is set to meet with witnesses.

"The Manhattan district attorney’s office has begun to approach witnesses to prepare them for trial, including Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump’s former fixer… He and at least two others involved in buying a porn star’s silence about her story of a tryst with Mr. Trump are expected to meet with prosecutors in the coming weeks," the outlet wrote.

The outlet also noted that Bragg had added an experienced prosecutor to the case.

"With the potential trial drawing near, the district attorney, Alvin L. Bragg, has also added one of his most experienced trial lawyers to the team assigned to prosecute Mr. Trump."

The Times added:

"And in recent public appearances, Mr. Bragg has presented the loftiest possible conception of the case, casting it as a clear-cut instance of election interference, in which a candidate defrauded the American people to win the White House in 2016. Mr. Trump did so, the district attorney argues, by concealing an illegal payoff to the porn star, thus hiding damaging information from voters just days before they headed to the polls."

Does it matter?

While Bragg could start Trump's trial as early as March, it'll depend on the trial date of his federal election interference case, which could be delayed by the judge in charge of it.

Regardless, Trump keeps marching on. He marched through Iowa and New Hampshire with historic victories, and his momentum hasn't even taken a slight hit as a result of his indictments.

Poll after poll shows that Trump's voters literally do not care if he's convicted or even sitting in a jail cell -- they're still supporting him and the numbers show it.

Only time will tell if Bragg takes the matter to trial in the coming months. Legal experts do not believe Trump will be convicted as a result of Bragg's charges.

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