Alvin Bragg To Prevent Evidence In Assault On Officers Case

 February 4, 2024

The same man who is currently going after former President Donald Trump, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, recently announced that he will present evidence next week to a grand jury in a case about an attack on two NYPD officers in Times Square last week.

Officials from the police department are claiming that 14 people, believed to be "asylum seekers staying in city shelters," were involved in the crime.

That's liberal code for illegal immigrants that our system can't do anything about.

Authorities have been able to arrest six of those responsible.

FIVE of them were released without bail.

Despite his system letting all of them out without even having to pay, Alvin Bragg is still claiming that his office "will not rest until every person who assaulted a police officer in this awful attack is held accountable."

Of course, the liberal system is not going down without trying to spin this their own way.

Instead of admitting that 14 illegal immigrants shouldn't have been here to assault officers in the first place, the New York Immigration Coalition claimed that this shouldn't deter illegal immigrants from being allowed to do whatever they want.

"I think that we have to really highlight that these are isolated incidents," babbled Robert Agyemang, Vice President of the New York Immigration Coalition. "It feeds into kind of the belief system that these people are coming and they're messing up things when it's not really the case."

Illegal immigration just may be the biggest problem facing America today, it's just that you have to live somewhere like Arizona or New Mexico to REALLY see how bad it's getting.

The liberals perched in their east coast castles can't even begin to know what illegal immigration is doing to the people who live near the problem.

Joe Biden is pretending that his hands are tied on the issue, when we know that they are not.

As a matter of fact, Congress says that he has been reminding Joe Biden that HE is the person able to take control at the border.

Instead, Joe Biden keeps saying things like "give me the power."

It's all an act, he has the power.

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