Alvin Bragg touts 2023 as a success despite ongoing crime wave in New York

 January 12, 2024

Manhattan's controversial left-wing prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, congratulated himself over a modest decrease in crime in a softball interview with a socialist magazine. 

Bragg, who has spent much of the year harassing Donald Trump, said he thinks about "safety and fairness every minute of the day," a claim many will find hard to believe.

Crime plagues New York

Crime in 2023 fell by less than a percentage point, but there were appreciable decreases in murder, which went down 11%, and shootings, which went down nearly 25%.

City leaders have touted the data as evidence of improvement, but of course, the point of comparison matters.

Murders in New York City are still up 20% since 2019, when New York adopted its disastrous bail reform policies under Governor Andrew Cuomo. Robberies are up 26% since 2019; felony assault is up 34%.

Bragg came onto the job in 2022. Car thefts went up 15% in 2023 compared to the year prior.

Shoplifting has increased a shocking 63% since 2019, the highest figure of any city in the country.

Of course, anyone who isn't living in a cave has seen the videos of thugs ransacking stores and grabbing whatever their hands can carry.

The city has also been under stress from the ongoing migrant influx, courtesy of President Biden. A crowd of migrants stormed through a Bloomingdale's earlier this month and made off with $5,000 worth of designer goods. 

Bragg brags

What was Bragg doing while New Yorkers were being robbed, stabbed, and shoved in front of trains? Why, going after Donald Trump and hero citizens like Daniel Penny.

Some other highlights from 2023 include the horrific, racially motivated stabbings of two white teenage girls, and a shocking rise in anti-Semitic incidents.

Bragg's office dismissed 43% of cases in 2023, more than the number of conviction (32%.)

In an interview with the left-wing Amsterdam News, Bragg discussed the "humane" so-called "work" he has done, which included expunging convictions and investing in "mental health services," which somehow has done nothing to keep deranged homeless men off the street.

“For someone like me, who spent [most of] his whole life on this island thinking about these sets of issues, it’s a real privilege to have this be what I get to do every day, and it’s a profound, sacred trust.”

On Trump, he said his approach is “examine the facts and…apply the law."

Maybe in 2024, Bragg can spare a thought for the victims of his reckless policies.

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Thomas Jefferson
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