Alvin Bragg touts arrest of man who shoved woman onto subway tracks

 September 19, 2023

A New York man was charged with assault for randomly shoving a woman onto the subway tracks. 

The charges against Samuel Junker, 41, were touted by the city's George Soros-backed prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, as proof that the city has zero tolerance for violent crime.

Bragg has come under fire for going after political adversaries, including Donald Trump, while going soft on real criminals.

Bragg indicts an actual criminal

On his watch, the city's residents have come to live in fear of random, unprovoked, sometimes fatal assaults.

Junker was arrested in August for following a woman late at night into a subway station and shoving her onto the tracks. The victim, a recent immigrant from China, said she never expected what happened to her.

"I've seen articles about this before, but I never thought something like this would happen to me," she said.

The woman suffered a broken leg, bruising, and swelling - and was lucky to escape with her life.

It's unclear why Bragg did not charge Bunker with attempted murder, instead opting for assault charges. In any case, Bragg championed the charges as evidence he is tough on crime.

"Samuel Junker now stands indicted for seriously injuring a woman who he allegedly trailed to a subway platform and pushed onto the tracks,” Bragg said.

"These types of attacks can be terrifying to experience, but we want New Yorkers to know that we will seek accountability for anyone who commits acts of violence in our subway system. I wish the victim a speedy recovery.”

Who is Bragg fooling?

In March, Bragg filed the first criminal indictment against an American president, charging Trump with crimes for making hush money payments to Stormy Daniels in 2016.

The trial is tentatively scheduled for next March, but the judge has said he would consider moving it after Bragg said he was open to that.

Bragg's case is widely seen as the weakest of the four Trump faces, so his desire to postpone the case appears to be motivated by politics.

His cheerleaders all but admitted it, praising Bragg for making room for the "most important" case Trump faces in Washington D.C.

Norm Eisen and Andrew Weissmann, luminaries of the anti-Trump "resistance," also praised Bragg for greasing the skids for the subsequent indictments from Jack Smith and Fani Willis, saying he "relieved some of the pressure of going first."

But none of this is political, right?

While he helps to railroad Trump, Bragg is also seeking to jail Daniel Penney, the former Marine who intervened to stop a vagrant from attacking subway riders in May.

Alvin Bragg is fooling no one with his tough cop act.

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