Alvin Bragg touts arrest of murderer who was set free on bail

 November 22, 2023

A deranged killer in Manhattan who slaughtered his neighbor and her dog in cold blood has finally been brought up on charges for murder. 

32-year-old Lenue Moore fatally shot Jacqueline Billini, 57, and her friend Levaughn Harvin, 42, in September, following a months-long dispute over her dog.

Moore also shot Billini's pit-bull Zeus to death.

Deranged killer charged

Moore had previously been indicted for burglary in April after he broke into Billini's home and violently attacked her, leaving her with a broken arm.

The two were neighbors in the same Washington Heights apartment complex, where Moore had previously kicked one of Billini's dogs and was suspected of stabbing Zeus amidst a dispute over the dog's barking.

After his arrest for assaulting Billini, Moore was released on low bail by a judge, enabling him to target Billini again - this time fatally.

Prosecutors had asked for $15,000 bail, but the judge set the amount at $5,000 and only required Moore to pay $500 to walk free.

One night in September, Moore approached Billini on the street and opened fire while she was walking her dogs with Harvin.

On October 26, Moore was tracked to an apartment in Brooklyn, where he was found hiding under a bed and placed in handcuffs.

Moore has been charged with first-degree murder, two counts of second-degree murder and two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, as well as an animal cruelty charge and aggravated criminal contempt.

"Slap in the face"

Bililni's grieving daughter, Natalie Questa, called the killer's release a "slap in the face." In a cruel twist, Billini worked for the courts in the Bronx.

“My mom believed in the justice system,” Questa told The New York Post.

“But it’s like, what ended up happening to us? We did everything the correct way. We didn’t retaliate, we didn’t do anything. We let the court system do its job and look what ended up happening to my mother.”

Alivin Bragg made no mention of Moore's release on bail in a press release that touted the murder charges.

"As alleged, Lenue Moore tracked down and fired multiple shots at Jacqueline Billini, Harvin Levaughn and a dog in a vicious act of cruelty after Ms. Billini appropriately reported Mr. Moore to law enforcement for previous alleged acts of violence,” Bragg said. “Two beloved New Yorkers are dead, and my thoughts are with their utterly devastated family members in their ongoing grief. The presence of a gun makes any situation far more likely to turn lethal, and ridding our streets of illegal firearms and the violence they bring remains my top priority as district attorney.”

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