Amal Clooney joins Michelle Obama and Melinda Gates to end child marriage in Malawi

 November 25, 2023

Amal Clooney, husband of famed actor George Clooney, is the co-founder of the Clooney Foundation For Justice (CFJ).

According to the Daily Mail, she joined former First Lady Michell Obama and Melinda Gates in Malawi to reaffirm their commitment to ending child marriage within a generation -- a movement they launched last year.

The meeting struck many as odd, given that Obama and Gates are not exactly associated with the kind of people known for protecting children from predators.

"It's been a really lovely and very organic partnership, and friendship, between the three of us," Amal Clooney told the BBC.

Statements released

The meeting of the three influential women generated media buzz in the region.

Michelle Obama noted of their attempt to end child marriage, "It is an issue that can be solved tomorrow. It could happen in less than a generation."

However, the Daily Mail pointed out that the U.N. previously stated that it could take another 300 years to eradicate child marriage in the region.

Part of the approach to ending child marriage involves providing legal resources to women in Malawi. Clooney's foundation has taken part in and hosted legal aid clinics in the area, hoping to have an impact.

"It's a privilege"

'It is a privilege to be working alongside so many inspirational Malawian women in the fight to make child marriage history," Amal Clooney said at the time. "Child marriage persists because there are inadequate legal protections for millions of girls across Africa."

"And even in nations such as Malawi where child marriage is prohibited, girls cannot access justice," she added.

Some on social media slammed the women for placing other countries above the needs of the United States for similar women's issues.

"Why is Africa always the preferred backdrop for these leftist elites? Melinda Gates, Michelle Obama and Amal Clooney, are there not any problems that you can tackle in the United States? Why must Africa have you as saviours?" one X user wrote

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