Ambassador for charity founded by King Charles beat man in Houston hotel room

 January 29, 2024

Pakistani folk singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is an ambassador for British Asian Trust, a non-profit group founded by King Charles.

While the King's organization is focused in part on opposing domestic violence, new footage shows Khan engaged in some violence of his own. 

Multiple videos show Khan beating members of his band

According to the Daily Mail, the video was shot at a hotel in Texas last year and shows Khan beating a backup singer on his band's American tour.

The Daily Mail reported that Khan issued a statement defending his actions, saying, "He was my student and I hit him. He has no objection."

However, the folk singer's actions received widespread condemnation, with some social media users accusing him of being drunk.

"I am going to hit you. Have you seen my bottle?"

The Daily Mail reported that it was sent three videos of Khan beating members of his band, with one incident apparently being caused by a missing bottle.

"Where is my bottle?" the 49-year-old musician can be heard demanding. "I am going to hit you. Have you seen my bottle?"

The victim screams as he is being repeatedly struck and replies that he is not aware of where the bottle is and does not have it in his possession.

Other band mates can be seen watching the violence unfold in two videos, although they are shown attempting to pull Khan off his victim in a third clip.

Khan is connected with British king as well as London mayor

The Daily Mail noted that Khan has met with King Charles several times and was once joined on stage during a performance at Wembley Stadium by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who hailed the singer as his "brother."

Khan provided vocals for the soundtrack of Mel Gibson's 2007 film "Apocalypto" as well as that of the 1995 "Dead Man Walking."

In addition to his music career, Khan became an actor when he landed a role in 2022 "What's Love Got To Do With It?" The film was directed by his friend Jemima Khan, who is the ex-wife of former Pakistani Premier Imran Khan.

For its part, British Asian Trust issued a statement of its own regarding Khan's behavior, insisting, "We take all accusations of abuse seriously and we will look into this urgently."

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