American Musician Among Three Found Dead In Suspected Fentanyl Overdose

 January 23, 2024

Well-known musician superstar of The Soft Moon, Jose “Luis” Vasquez has been found dead.

Vasquez overdosed on what is currently believed to be fentanyl.

He died alongside two others in a loft in downtown Los Angeles, California.

The Los Angeles Times reported that DJ John “Juan” Mendez, Mendez’ partner, Simone Ling, and Vasquez were all found dead at the home of Mendez and Ling.

The Los Angeles Times also reported that a welfare check was originally called by Vasquez’s wife.

“The three were found Thursday at Mendez’s and Ling’s residence at the Pacific Electric Lofts on Main Street after a welfare check sought by Vasquez’s wife, according to law enforcement sources not authorized to discuss the investigation. Drug paraphernalia was found at the scene, and the case is being investigated as a possible fentanyl overdose, the sources said,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

The remaining members of The Soft Moon shared the devastating news of Vasquez’s death with their followers.

“It is with great sadness that we announce our dear friend, Luis Vasquez has passed away. Our hearts and thoughts are with his family, friends, and extended music family,” they wrote in a recent post.

They continued with a heart wrenching request.

“We ask you to respect their privacy during this difficult time. If you have a memory of Luis, no matter if you were a close friend of his or not, please feel free to share. This is a huge loss and our hearts are broken,” The Soft Moon members continued in the post.

Fentanyl deaths in America are rising at a disturbing rate.

Countless Americans are overdosing.

What is even more disturbing?

Many are not aware the drug they are about to take contains Fentanyl.

Kari Lake, Arizona’s candidate for the U.S. Senate, recently opened up about a conversation she had with a mother who lost her young daughter to an accidental overdose.

“I met one mother who said, ‘My daughter took half of what she thought was a Xanax pill and was dead.’ A half of any pill should not kill you. It’s enough to kill you, and we’ve got to wake up. Finally, the Democrats are at least starting to say the word, but they’re part of the problem,” Lake said during an interview with Breitbart.

Sadly, Vasquez may very well be another victim of Fentanyl. We pray for those grieving his death and demand accountability for those dishing out this deadly drug.

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