'American Pie' star Seann William Scott files for divorce

 February 15, 2024

Fans were left in disbelief this week after learning that actor Seann William Scott is seeking a divorce. 

According to People magazine, Scott filed for divorce on Tuesday, citing "irreconcilable differences" with his wife Olivia Scott.

Scott is seeking joint custody of daughter

The Hollywood star stated that he and his wife began their separation on October 2 of last year and is asking for joint legal and physical custody of 3½-year-old daughter Frankie Rose.

Scott's filing went on to specify that spousal support will be "payable to Respondent pursuant to the terms of the parties' Prenuptial Agreement."

People noted that the actor married his wife, who is an interior designer based in Los Angeles on September 21, 2019, eight years after she co-founded the company TwoFold LA alongside friend Jenn Pablo.

Actor regards role in "American Pie" as being "a gift"

Scott rose to fame a quarter century ago when he played the character Steve Stifler in the risqué comedy film "American Pie" as well as its sequels.

He told People in 2019 that he regarded the movie as being "a gift" and while seeing his character as a "lovable a–hole" who he enjoyed portraying.

"This was such a fun character to play," Scott was quoted as telling the publication. "At the beginning of my career, that genre of films of R-rated crazy comedies were doing really well, so as much as I wanted to maybe do something more dramatic or serious, I was like, this character is much more fun to play than the boring straight guy."

When asked whether he would still take the role if he had the option to go back in time, Scott was emphatic, saying, "Clearly, I did four American Pies."

Scott says he and Stifler are very different

"Very quickly, I realized that it was such a gift to be able to make people laugh," Scott stressed before adding that he would be willing to help make another installment in the franchise if given the chance.

"I would do it. I think seeing Stifler in his 40s as the exact same guy, just not growing up at all seems even funnier to me," he remarked.

However, Scott added that he is no longer mistaken for his famous on-screen persona, stating, "I've been doing this long enough now that most people don’t really expect me to be Stifler."

"I’m definitely goofy. I like to make people laugh. But no, I’m not like the American Pie guy. That would probably not be a great thing in real life," he insisted.

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