Americans expect economic hardship, international turmoil in 2023: Poll

 January 4, 2023

Despite his best efforts to paint a rosy picture, few Americans are buying President Biden's spin on the state of the nation. According to a new poll, nearly 80 percent of Americans believe that 2023 will be a year of economic hardship, amid concerns that a recession is on the way.

The Gallup Survey tracks with what poll after poll has found: Americans are pessimistic about the future under President Biden.

Poll: Americans pessimistic

The picture painted by the poll is a bleak one: by and large, Americans are bracing for another year of political, economic, and international turmoil.

Roughly 80 percent expect economic hardship, higher taxes, and bigger federal deficits. 65 percent expect inflation to remain high, and 63 percent expect the stock market to tumble.

With fears of a recession on the horizon as the Fed raises interest rates to curb inflation, fully 53 percent of Americans are anticipating rising unemployment. 72 percent expect crime to keep rising, and 56 percent are bracing for widespread labor strikes.

Amid the war in Ukraine and rising tensions with China, 85 percent believe 2023 will be a year of international discord and 64 percent believe American power will decline, while 73 percent believe Chinas will grow stronger. The only bright spot in the poll: 64 percent of Americans believe Russia will weaken.

Dems more positive

The poll is also a testament to the power of partisanship: Democrats were far more likely than independents or Republicans to say the new year will bring power and prosperity for America.

Majorities of Democrats predict full or increasing employment, "reasonable" price increases, and a rising stock market, as well as a decline in Russian power and an increase in American power.

By contrast, with the exception of 61 percent of independents who expect Russian power to decline, Republicans and independents do not expect any positive domestic or international trends this year.

Will Biden' fantasy become America's reality?

The relatively rosy outlook among Dems reflects the hyperbolic spin Biden has long pushed on a skeptical nation.

Ahead of the Christmas holiday, Biden celebrated an inflation rate of 7.1 percent, which is well above the historic norm of 2 percent, as a sign of progress.

"But what is clear is that my economic plan is working and we’re just getting started," he boasted.

Biden has been emboldened after skirting a "red wave" in the midterm elections, an outcome that he has touted as a vote of confidence from the people. But the dark mood of the country says otherwise.

One can only hope that America will be as prosperous this year as the reality Democrats are living in.

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