Andrew McCabe admits "many mistakes" were made in Carter Page's FISA application

 April 12, 2024

This week saw former President Donald Trump call on Congress to "kill" Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), saying it "was illegally used against me and many others" during his first campaign.

While ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe disputed Trump's narrative, he did concede that "many mistakes" were made.

McCabe: "There is no truth or accuracy in that post at all"

According to the Daily Wire, McCabe made that concession during an interview on Thursday with CNN host Jim Acosta.

"To be clear, no, there is no truth or accuracy in that post at all," the former FBI deputy director was quoted as saying of Trump's statement.

McCabe went on to insist that "702 authorities were never used in the course of that investigation of Donald Trump and his campaign and some of his campaign associates."

He added that Trump "may be referring to the FISA that was obtained to surveil Carter Page," a Trump campaign advisor who was targeted for surveillance.

Page's FISA application relied on unverified dossier

"We now know there are many mistakes in that FISA. Those are all regrettable," McCabe said before quickly adding, "But that is not Section 702. Totally different thing here."

"My guess … is that it’s not surprising that Donald Trump is against surveillance capacity and authority for the FBI because he is someone who’s been investigated by the FBI. But, nevertheless, he is absolutely wrong on this count," McCabe stressed.

The Daily Wire recalled how McCabe signed an application seeking FISA authority to surveil Page which relied on faulty intelligence from a since discredited dossier.

The dossier in question was compiled by former British spy Michael Steele at the behest of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's campaign.

McCabe claimed to be "shocked and disappointed" by errors in application

A subsequent report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz identified many "significant errors or omissions" in the application.

For his part, McCabe told the Senate Judiciary in 2020 that he was "shocked and disappointed" by the "errors and mistakes" in the application to spy on Page, adding that he should not have sought a FISA renewal given the benefit of hindsight.

"I was shocked and disappointed at the errors and mistakes that the OIG found. To me, any material misrepresentation or error in a FISA application is unacceptable, period," the Washington Examiner quoted McCabe as saying in his opening statement.

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