Another Biden gaffe leads to more questions about his fitness for office

 September 22, 2023

President Joe Biden, on Wednesday, told one story, then, within minutes, he told the same exact story again, using nearly the same exact words, to the same audience. 

The incident, according to Fox News, took place during a stop in New York, where Biden participated in a reelection fundraiser that was hosted by billionaire heiress and author Amy Goldman Fowler.

We do not have video footage from the event. But, on Thursday, the White House released a transcript of the remarks that Biden gave at the event.

The Biden White House, somewhat surprisingly, did not doctor the transcript so as to remove the repeated story.

Take one

At one point during his remarks. Biden talked about why he decided to run for the U.S. presidency in 2020.

While doing so, he decided to talk about the white nationalist rally that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017.

Biden said:

You remember those folks walking out of the fields literally carrying torches, with Nazi swastikas, holding them forward, singing the same vicious, anti-Semitic bile — the same exact bile — bile that was sung in — in Germany in the early ‘30s. And, a young woman was killed. A young woman was killed. The former guy [i.e. then-President Donald Trump] was asked "What do you think would happen?" He was the sitting president. And he said, "I thought there were some very fine people on both sides." And I mean this sincerely from the bottom of my heart that’s when I decided I — I was going to run again.

It is one of Biden's very favorite stories to tell.

Deja vu

In fact, Biden apparently likes this story so much that - after briefly speaking about how his family also encouraged him to run against Trump - he repeated it to the same audience, using nearly identical language.

Biden said:

You know, you may remember that you know, those folks from Charlottesville, as they came out of the fields and carrying those swastikas, and remember the ones with the torches and the Ku — accompanied by the Ku Klux Klan. And, in addition to that, they had — there were white supremacists. Anyway, they were making the big case about how terrible this was. And a young woman was killed in the process. And. my predecessor, as I said, was asked what he thought. He said, "There are some very fine people on both sides." Well, that kept ringing in my head. And, so, I couldn’t, quite frankly, remain silent any longer.

Accordingly, Biden said that he "decided" to run for the presidency.

Something is not right

Many are now arguing that this is the latest example of why 80-year-old Biden is not fit to be leading this country and why he is not fit to run for reelection.

The New York Post reports, "According to medical experts, repeating sentences, phrases, and even entire stories — while common in the elderly — may be an early sign of dementia or even an early warning sign of Alzheimer’s disease."

With incidents like this, it is no wonder that a clear majority of Americans believe that Biden is too old to be leading the country. The wonder is how anyone could say that Biden is fit to do so.

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