Another Hunter Biden IRS whistleblower emerges

 May 24, 2023

The IRS agent who blew the whistle on political interference in the Department of Justice investigation of Hunter Biden has new evidence to share, including corroborating information from a second whistleblower.

The entire IRS investigative team was shut down last week, in what both whistleblowers have called an act of retaliation.

The new whistleblower, who worked on the case for five years, sent an email to top IRS leaders last week protesting his abrupt removal for doing the "right thing."

His immediate supervisor, who is the original whistleblower, shared the e-mail in letters to Congress and IRS director Daniel Werfel.

New whistleblower

The second whistleblower said that he and his supervisor were "isolated" when they tried to report issues with the DOJ "acting inappropriately" to IRS leaders.

"The ultimate decision to remove the investigatory my opinion was a decision made not to side with the investigators but to side with the US Attorney’s office and Department of Justice who we have been saying for some time has been acting inappropriately," he wrote.

The agent also expressed disappointment with being "removed this week from a highly sensitive case … after nearly 5 years of work" and "thousands of hours" spent.

Higher-ups responded by warning the agent he may have violated the law with his complaint, an answer that lawyers for the first whistleblower called "unacceptable" and threatening.

They noted that Werfel had told Congress just weeks ago that whistleblowers would face "no retaliation."


In addition to sharing the second whistleblower's complaint, the first whistleblower shared more information about what he called a pattern of intimidation going back years.

The agent wrote in a December e-mail that he had lost sleep as he wrestled with exposing the "malfeasance" he witnessed.

“I have called into question the conduct of the USAO and DOJ tax on this investigation on a recurring basis and am prepared to present these issues," he wrote.

"For over a year I have had trouble sleeping; awake all hours of the night thinking about this,” the agent added. “My choice was to turn a blind eye to their malfeasance, and not sleep, or to put myself in the crosshairs by doing the right thing.”

The first whistleblower is planning to testify privately to the House Ways and Means Committee on Friday.

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