Anti-Israel demonstrators take over Senate cafeteria

 April 10, 2024

Chaos broke out in the United States Senate this week as police struggled to contain a swarm of anti-Israel demonstrators. 

According to Breitbart, the incident occurred in the Dirksen Senate Office Building on Tuesday and resulted in dozens of arrests.

Demonstrators seen shouting slogans in Senate cafeteria

Viral video footage showed the demonstrators chanting such slogans as "We are here to pray for the food of Gaza," as well as, "Our Scriptures say, 'Woe to you! To eat while others go hungry! Woe to you! For there is famine in Gaza."

They also declared that lawmakers and their staff members "will not eat today" until the residents of Gaza have also eaten.

U.S. Capitol Police provided a statement to Breitbart which explained, "It is illegal to demonstrate inside any of the Congressional Buildings."

It added that the roughly 50 people who were taken into custody are facing charges of Crowding, Obstructing, or Incommoding under D.C. Code § 22–1307.

Group says protest "shouldn't be met with policing and arrest"

The protest was carried out by a group called Christians for a Free Palestine, and the organization released a statement of its own on social media.

"Peaceful protest and song calling for the cessation of a genocide shouldn't be met with policing and arrest, but then again, we shouldn’t have to protest to get genocide to stop in the first place," it read.

Townhall reported that the protest was endorsed by Hassan Nasrallah, who leads the Iranian-backed Lebanese terror group Hezbollah.

Meanwhile, some conservatives drew a contrast between how the anti-Israel demonstrators were treated and the fate of those who participated in the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill.

"An insurrection took place today"

They included former California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder, who remarked, "I'm old enough to remember when Dems/media called this kind of thing an 'insurrection.'"

Gateway Pundit correspondent Elijah Schaffer also complained of a double standard in a social media post of his own. 

"An insurrection took place today. The United States Senate cafeteria was SHUT DOWN because of protests by Pro Gaza protesters. Give them the same treatment," he declared.

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