Anti-Israel, pro-Hamas protesters surround White House, federal officer injured: Report

 June 9, 2024

The pro-Palestine protesters have become a daunting issue for President Joe Biden and the White House. 

What began as something the administratino could downplay has turned into a political nightmare, and that boiled over recently as hundreds of screaming anti-Israel protesters surrounded the White House.

The protest, as usual, spiraled out of control and according to Breitbart, left a federal officer injured as a result.

Some of the protesters within the group openly showed support for the Hamas terrorists who launched the surprise, deadly attack on Israel last year.

What happened?

Notably, the protest around the White House came on the same day that Israel managed to rescue four hostages.

The problem for Biden and his administration is that the protesters, largely made up of radical progressives and otherwise people who would likely vote Democrat, are blaming Biden directly for Israel's military actions in Gaza.

The protesters held up a giant "red line" to express their discontent with the Biden administration's continued support for Israel's counteroffensive in Gaza.

The Washington Examiner noted:

Protesters clad in keffiyeh began gathering outside the presidential residence in Washington, D.C., Saturday morning. Their signs called on President Joe Biden to “free Palestine” and “end the siege on Gaza now.” Others stood in a line draped in a two-mile-long red banner around the White House to symbolize the “red line” Israel crossed when they began the operation in Rafah, a southern city in Gaza where many Palestinians have fled to.

U.S. Park Police ultimately had to step in and quash the momentum of the protest, as it appears as if it could have been quite violent otherwise.

Social media reacts

Many across social media questioned why more law enforcement officials didn't step in to stop the situation before it got to the point it did.

"Isn't this an insurrection? Why aren't they arrested?" one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Where is the National Guard?!"

To many, it seems that legal consequences vary heavily depending on which cause one is protesting for.

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Thomas Jefferson
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