Anti-Israel protest in Ilhan Omar's congressional district cleared by Minnesota police

 April 24, 2024

Concerns have been raised raised as Columbia University students describe their experiences with the with anti-Israel demonstrations on campus at Ivy League universities. 

Early Tuesday morning, University of Minnesota police dismantled an anti-Israel protest encampment from its Twin Cities campus, which is situated in the district of progressive "Squad" member Representative Ilhan Omar, as Fox News reported.

Nine demonstrators were arrested at that protest location, adding to the hundreds that have been arrested across the nation.

From the University

A university spokesperson told Fox News Digital that the university's Department of Public Safety received reports that a group had erected a tent encampment at the northernmost portion of the Northrop Mall.

At approximately 6:00 a.m., officers issued a warning to the protesters that their presence contravened state trespassing law and university policy.

Tents are not permitted on campus without a permit, and  "no encampments, tents, fires, or other types of encampment living arrangements have ever been permitted on any university properties or in buildings," according to a spokesperson.

"The group was asked to disperse by 7 a.m. and told they would be arrested if they chose to stay past that time," the university spokesperson said.

"Some of those present chose to disperse and continue peacefully protesting, but nine chose to remain and were arrested without incident."

Public Radio Reporting on the Arrests

According to Minnesota Public Radio, those detained were transported to the Hennepin County jail on trespassing charges, where over a dozen protesters gathered to voice their opposition to the arrests.

In the interim, the university issued a statement affirming its endorsement of the nonviolent demonstrations and speech rights of its constituents amidst analogous protests that transpire across the nation.

"In light of protests around the country and this morning’s activity on the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus, it’s important to note that the U of M supports and respects free speech through lawful protest," the statement said.

Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, and Columbia University and New York University in New York City, respectively, have been occupied by encampments. A number of universities have canceled classes in person in response to these demonstrations, which have also resulted in hundreds of arrests.

The Lawmaker's Response

Isra Hirsi, the daughter of U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN), was apprehended amidst a protest at Columbia University last week, which resulted in the detention of over a hundred protesters.

Following her daughter's detention, Omar lauded her in a social media post, speaking out in support of her daughter's demonstration.

Earlier in the day, Hirsi, age 21, disclosed that she had been expelled from Barnard College in New York City for "standing in solidarity with Palestinians facing genocide."

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