Anti-Israel protestors arrested for blocking access to Seattle airport

 April 18, 2024

Komo News reported that 46 anti-Israel demonstrators are facing criminal charges following a protest this week that blocked access to the Seattle–Tacoma International Airport.

Those arrests came even as some Democrats warn that the phenomenon is becoming a disaster for their party. 

Vehicles used to block road

According to Komo News, 30 of the protesters were taken to the SCORE jail in Des Moines on Monday, Washington while another 16 ended up at the King County jail.

The crowd had used vehicles to prevent people from reaching the airport entrance for roughly two hours beginning at 3:00 p.m. Some travelers were seen carrying their luggage as they made their way on foot.

All 46 have since been released, with a dozen individuals receiving assistance from the left-wing Northwest Community Bail Fund.

Kyle Moore serves as a spokesperson for the city of SeaTac, and he was quoted as saying, "Based on the information provided by (Port of Seattle) police, (prosecutors) were able to have everything ready and file charges today. What happens next is the prosecutors will send out a summons to all 46 of them."

Ilhan Omar's daughter arrested at anti-Israel protest

Washington Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee issued a statement denouncing the demonstration and praising law enforcement for responding "appropriately."

"Regardless of political affiliation, major disruptions like these that can impact public health and safety cannot be tolerated," Inslee declared.

"I appreciate the efforts of local departments and the State Patrol who have acted in these recent incidents to pursue charges against individuals involved in shutting down roadways," the governor added.

Seattle is not the only place where anti-Israel demonstrators mobilized this week, as Fox News reported that the daughter of Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar was arrested in connection with a protest at Columbia University.

John Fetterman calls anti-Israel movement a "fringe"

Isra Hirsi was taken into custody by NYPD officers on Thursday and given a summons for trespassing. She was also suspended from Barnard College, something New York Democratic Rep. Jamal Bowman portrayed as an act of political retaliation aimed at Hirsi's mother.

However, Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. John Fetterman told CNN host Jake Tapper this past Sunday that the anti-Israel movement is a "fringe" that his party should "never capitulate to."

"In fact, that empowers Hamas and Hamas, they’re actually convinced they’re winning the PR war. And they’re never going to negotiate at this point. They think that they’re going to hold onto the very end," Fetterman declared.

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