Anti-Somalian hate crime charges filed against mother, children in Rep. Omar's district

 January 29, 2024

New details have emerged regarding a massive brawl that broke out at the Minnesota-based St. Louis Park High School last week. 

The school happens to be in Rep. Ilhan Omar's (D) district, and authorities have determined that the fight was the result of a hate crime committed by two young Black adults and their mother against Somalian students.

The fights, which occurred last week inside and outside of the school, were so bad that the school was forced to close for the day.

Charges against the mother and her two adult children have been filed.

What's happening?

According to authorities, Latoys Milon, 41, and her children Abreeha Smith, 22, and Jerome Smith, 19, have all been charged with one count of third-degree riot and one count of fourth-degree assault “motivated by bias."

After police responded to the fight scene at the high school after the mother had threatened to beat up students, she claimed that it was because a group of Somali girls had reportedly "jumped" her unidentified daughter.

According to police, that report turned out to be false.

AlphaNews noted:

Body camera video shows Milon yelling toward a group of Somali girls, saying things like, “I’ll fight any Somali that comes down those stairs, bro,” and, “These Somalians think they running s—, but they met their match.”

As police were interviewing witnesses, multiple fights occurred outside of the school, creating a chaotic scene.

Violent outbreak

AlphaNews added:

"Defendant Milon was yelling, swearing, and physically gesturing towards several Somali students. The group was actively punching, striking, and grabbing several Somali students. Additional officers arrived [on] scene and all defendants left in a white Mitsubishi."

Several Somali students told police that they were either threatened by the mother and her children or physically attacked by them. One Somali student said one of the children choked them.

The charges noted:

"Surveillance footage from the school parking lot shows the group get out of the vehicle and approach Victim 3. The video shows Defendant J. Smith throwing Victim 3 to the ground and jumping on him. Defendant A. Smith then kicks and stomps on Victim 3. Defendant Milon then kicks and punches Victim 3. When Victim 3 tries to get up and run away, Defendant J. Smith and Defendant Milon grab him and throw him down again. Defendant A. Smith then kicks and stomps Victim 3 again."

Only time will tell if Omar responds, given her Somali heritage.


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