Anti-Trump prosecutor Fani Willis goes off the rails as lover Nathan Wade discusses 'intercourse' at dramatic hearing

 February 16, 2024

The lover of Democratic prosecutor Fani Willis admitted they had sex as recently as the summer - and said the two remain close friends during an explosive hearing that resembled an episode of Jerry Springer. 

The court drama has left Willis' criminal case against Donald Trump in serious jeopardy, especially after the Fulton County DA took the stand and threw a two-hour tantrum.

The judge, Scott McAfee, had called the hearing to weigh whether Willis should be disqualified over her relationship with prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Both testified for hours about the timeline of their affair and who paid for expensive trips they took together in the Caribbean and California's wine country.

Nathan Wade discusses "intercourse"

When pressed on the end of the relationship, Willis said there was a "tough conversation" in August, but "physical intimacy" stopped weeks earlier.

Wade similarly suggested that the last time "intercourse" occurred was the summer, around the time Willis filed charges against Trump over the 2020 election.

"Are you asking me have I had intercourse with the district attorney?" Wade told Trump lawyer Steve Sadow. "The answer would be no."

Willis and Wade have admitted to the affair, but they insisted in court that the relationship began in 2022, after Willis hired Wade as a special prosecutor. A former friend of Willis' told the court she saw the couple kissing in 2019, after they had met at a judicial conference.

In contrast with Wade's subdued, if combative testimony, Willis took the stand bristling with explosive anger.

"One of your motions you tried to implicate I slept with him at that conference, which I find to be extremely offensive," she snapped at defense lawyer Ashleigh Merchant.

Willis goes off the rails

Concerning finances, the pair made the astonishing claim that Willis paid for her half of their vacation expenses in cash, but Wade admitted to having no records of reimbursement.

Willis volunteered that she kept large stashes of money at home, as Wade described Willis as an "independent woman" who insisted on paying for herself.

Willis gave the court a vivid sketch of her own character, peppering her furious testimony with back talk, unprompted details like her preference in alcohol, and scattered comments about the male sex.

“Men end relationships with the physical intimacy; women end relationships when that tough conversation takes place,” she said.

While both Willis and Wade said they are no longer intimate, they said they will be lifelong friends because of the "attacks" they have faced.

“I think that you have cemented that we’ll be friends to the day we die,” Willis told the defense.

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