AOC 'grateful' to see Kyrsten Sinema leave the Democratic Party

 December 12, 2022

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema dropped a political bombshell last week by revealing that she is no longer a Democrat. Yet rather than being bothered that Sinema had quit the party, one high profile Democrat was glad to see her go.   

Sinema announced her decision on Friday via Twitter, saying that she had "joined the growing numbers of Arizonans who reject party politics.

Sinema's plans

"Over the past four years, I’ve worked proudly with other Senators in both parties and forged consensus on successful laws helping everyday Arizonans build better lives for themselves and their families," the lawmaker added in a subsequent tweet."

"Becoming an Independent won’t change my work in the Senate; my service to Arizona remains the same," Sinema concluded before linking to an op-ed she wrote for the Arizona Republic.

Some political observers have regarded Sinema's move to become an Independent as being a blow to the Democratic Party.

Fox News reported on Sunday that ABC political director Rick Klein described the development as being "a gut punch."

 "Grateful" Sinema is gone

However, Just the News noted that New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quickly put out a tweet of her own in which she spoke of being "grateful" for Sinema's departure.

The far-left lawmaker lambasted Sinema for failing to "offer a single concrete value or policy she believes in" while providing "no goals for Arizonans."

Ocasio-Cortez is not alone in dismissing Sinema, as Politico has reported that the Democratic fundraising firm Authentic has dropped her as a client.

Internal company communications obtained by Politico show one employee complained that helping Sinema was equivalent to "doing the devil's work" while another said, “I feel sick about it tbh."

"For me, the bigger question is how long until we become known as the team behind KS [Kyrsten Sinema] and it impacts all of our reputations regardless if we worked on the account," a third employee said.

Particularly troubling for staffers was Sinema's opposition to ending the Senate filibuster rule and voting against a federal $15 per hour minimum wage.

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