Appeal pauses Trump election immunity case

 December 15, 2023

A federal judge in Washington placed all of former President Donald Trump's trial on accusations of his allegedly plotting to upset the 2020 election on hold on Wednesday after an appeals court agreed to rapidly hear his argument that he is immune from prosecution.

After an all-day battle between Mr. Trump's lawyers and Jack Smith's prosecutors about when the election trial will be heard, the appeals court expedited its immunity hearing. It will start in March in Washington, as The New York Post reported.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit set an aggressive deadline for all written immunity case filings on Jan. 2. The court could hear and rule on oral arguments.

On Wednesday morning, Mr. Trump's lawyers asked the court not to set an expedited schedule because a “reckless rush to judgment” would “irreparably undermine public confidence in the judicial system.”

“The manifest public interest lies in the court’s careful and deliberate consideration of these momentous issues with the utmost care and diligence,” wrote Mr. Trump's appeal counsel, D. John Sauer.

Takeaways from Trump's 2020 Election Inquiry Indictment

The former president faces four counts, including charges of actively attempting to overturn the 2020 election. The indictment was filed by special counsel Jack Smith in Washington Federal District Court.

Smith said that Trump's actions threaten democracy's peaceful power transition. By emphasizing this subject, Smith aimed to keep Trump accountable and safeguard democracy.

Trump was also accused of being part of a conspiracy. Smith accused Trump of three schemes that culminated on Jan. 6, 2021, to hinder Congress's Electoral College ratification.

The special counsel also claimed that Trump knew his assertions about a stolen election were untrue, which might help indict him.

Six co-conspirators are listed in the indictment but not named. They fit the descriptions of Trump lawyers and advisers who argued legal theories to keep him in power. It's uncertain if these conspirators will be charged.

Trump still dominates politics

Trump may face three or four criminal charges in 2024, but Republican voters seem unaffected. He leads his party in the presidential primaries by a significant margin.

The former president requested to slow the appeal two days after Mr. Smith's prosecutors sought the same justices to speed it up.

The prosecutors argued that continuing the election case would validate the public's desire for a swift trial.

Despite unprecedented implications for the trials of the former president is elected again, interestingly, Smith's team has never stated that they fear Mr. Trump will utilize his political win to resolve his legal issues if re-elected.

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