Appeals Court Makes Decision On Texas Razor Wire Fence

 December 5, 2023

The king of double standards, President Joe Biden, has struck again.

He wants Texas to take down a razor wire fence preventing illegal immigrants from crossing the Rio Grande.

Yes, you read that right.

President Joe Biden wants Border Patrol to take the fence DOWN.

Border Patrol was even reportedly going so far as to use a forklift to raise the fence and allow illegal immigrants into the country.

Texas is furious, and for good reason.

During that little forklift fiasco, more than 300 illegal immigrants entered Texas.

Texas has always taken drastic measures to prevent illegal immigrants from attempting to cross into America, but the border fence near Eagle Pass was put there for a very different reason.

It was built to discourage illegal immigrants from crossing because Eagle Pass is DANGEROUS.

Eagle Pass has a reputation of its own – known as a notoriously dangerous, deep part of the river with strong currents. Crossers have been swept away after just one wrong move.

In a nutshell, the fencing is to keep illegal immigrants from drowning.

Yet, President Joe Biden, so concerned with the safety of illegals, wants the fence taken down at once.

It appears as though Joe Biden doesn't care about Americans OR immigrants.

The clueless Biden administration seems to have an affinity for making snap decisions without ever fact checking.

Texas Judge Alia Moses was quick to point how ridiculous the idea of removing the fence to keep illegal immigrants safe is.

“If agents are going to allow migrants to enter the country, and indeed facilitate their doing so, why make them undertake the dangerous task of crossing the river? Would it not be easier, and safer, to receive them at a port of entry? In short, the very emergencies the Defendants assert make it necessary to cut the wire are of their own creation,” said Judge Moses.

While this matter is far from resolved, a federal appeals court has ordered the Border Patrol to refrain from removing the fence for the time being, until the judges have more information and are able to decide on the fate of the fence.

In the meantime, maybe someone should explain to concerned President Joe Biden and his administration the real reason the fence was built at Eagle Pass.

Maybe the "Border Czar" Kamala Harris will step in and save us...

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