Arizona judge allows Kari Lake to inspect ballots

 December 17, 2022

Kari Lake scored a legal win late this week after a judge to inspect ballots from Arizona's gubernatorial race. 

According to journalist Tracy Beanz, the order allows an inspection to proceed provided that it does not reveal the identity of voters, disturb the integrity of ballots, or interfere with ongoing recount efforts.

Lake's trial set to begin on December 20

That comes after The Epoch Times reported that Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson granted Lake's request for a two-day trial set to begin on December 20.

The former Republican candidate contends that her loss last month to Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs was tainted by election malfeasance.

Lake discussed her lawsuit on Wednesday evening with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, saying, "It’s a 70-page lawsuit that reads like a real crime novel."

She argued that printer issues at polling stations in Maricopa County "had a huge effect" on how the election turned out.

Lake warns that "we’ll never have another fair election" if problems not fixed

"Our voters were showing up on election day--that was no secret. And the minute the polls opened, the wheels fell off," Lake declared.

"The ballot printers weren't working, there wasn't enough toner in the printers, the tabulators weren't working, and it became a debacle," the former Republican gubernatorial nominee complained.

"The lines started forming right away, some of the lines three hours, four hours, five hours, and there is video of people walking out of line," Lake noted.

"People told us in our lawsuit that they showed up, they couldn't even find parking because the parking lots were full and the lines were long, and many people didn't even get to vote."

"We vote for a full month in Arizona with early ballots, and on Election Day when the Republicans showed up, the Election Day voting was sabotaged, and that’s what our case is going to prove," she added.

"There are a plethora of problems that went down in Maricopa County, and if somebody doesn’t stand up and say, 'We can’t have our elections being run this way,' then we’ll never have another fair election," Lake concluded.

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