Arizona prosecutor refuses to extradite murder suspect to New York over concern that DA Bragg will release him

 February 23, 2024

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, like so many other progressive leftist prosecutors, has a reputation for going soft on criminals, including violent ones, and allowing them to be released from custody back into the general public on low or no bail following an arrest.

Now, in light of that reputation, a prosecutor in Arizona has refused to extradite to New York a career criminal wanted for murder there, and instead intends to continue holding him in custody for alleged crimes committed in the Phoenix area, Fox News reported.

Needless to say, Bragg is quite displeased by this development which he called "deeply disturbing" and attributed to the Arizona prosecutor, Maricopa County District Attorney Rachel Mitchell, "playing political games" with the wanted criminal.

Career criminal wanted in multiple states for several alleged serious crimes

According to local New York Fox affiliate WNYW, a suspect named Raad Almansoori, 26, is wanted in New York City for the alleged beating and strangulation murder of a purported sex worker named Denisse Oleas-Arancibia, 38, at a SoHo hotel earlier this month.

Almansoori appears to have fled NYC but showed up in the Phoenix area about a week later and has since been arrested and charged for two separate stabbing incidents -- the first during an attempted carjacking of a woman in Glendale followed one day later by an attempted sexual assault of a female McDonald's employee in the Sunrise restaurant's bathroom.

He was arrested later on the same day of the McDonalds incident and reportedly confessed to both of the Arizona stabbing incidents and the murder in NYC. The outlet further noted that Almansoori appears to have a prior criminal record of kidnapping and sexual assault charges in Florida and Texas, but fled when he was released on bond for those alleged crimes.

"We’re going to keep him here"

Maricopa County DA Mitchell joined "Fox & Friends" on Thursday and said of her decision to not extradite Almansoori to NYC, "I'm putting the victims first and making sure that he stays in custody."

"And again, this is not casting aspersions on NYPD, but … it was just a couple of weeks ago that some of the illegal immigrants that were in New York City who beat up on police officers were let go. They were flipping the camera off as they walked out of jail, and guess where they ended up? Four of them ended up in Maricopa County, and they had to be taken into custody here," she continued. "I don't want that to happen. I don't want this individual getting out and be able to victimize more people."

During a Wednesday press conference, Mitchell told reporters of the detained suspect, "I know there's been a discussion about New York wanting to extradite this individual and this is not aimed at the New York Police Department at all. I know they did a hard job, a good job, but we will not be agreeing to extradition."

"I've instructed my extradition attorneys not to agree to that. We’re going to keep him here, these are mandatory prison sentences," she continued. "And having observed the treatment of violent criminals in the New York area by the Manhattan D.A. there, Alvin Bragg, I think it’s safer to keep him here and keep him in custody so that he cannot be out and doing this to individuals either in our state or county or anywhere in the United States."

"Since we have serious offenses here, we have the right to keep him where he is," Mitchell added. "So we're going to do that, and I want to be very clear to the public, we're not saying that he will never be prosecuted in New York for what he did, but we're saying we're going first. And that way, when we secure a prison sentence on him, that has to be honored when he is extradited to New York City."

Bragg infuriated by extradition refusal

ABC News reported that DA Bragg, in a Thursday press conference, took issue with what his Maricopa County counterpart said a day earlier about refusing extradition, and told reporters, "Her reasoning? Not because that's what the law dictates. Not because that's what advances justice. Not because of a concern for victims. Not at the request of the NYPD. But rather, plain and simple, old-fashioned grandstanding and politics."

"That should have no place in our profession," he continued. "It is deeply disturbing to me that a member of my profession ... would choose to play political games in a murder case."

Bragg further knocked Mitchell for not calling him first to discuss the issue and suggested that he would push forward with an extradition effort that would be reviewed and possibly approved by Arizona's Democratic governor, and not the county prosecutor, and added, "This is not the Maricopa County attorney's decision, and I'm hoping that facts, law, justice, and reason will prevail."

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