Arizona state lawmaker resigns after sexual misconduct allegations from college surface

 March 20, 2024

Arizona state politics were shaken up this week after a top state Democrat announced his resignation based on his shameful behavior from the past.

According to The Hill, state Democratic Rep. Jevin Hodge announced his resignation after information came forward that revealed he was sanctioned for sexual misconduct nine years ago while he attended college.

For his part, the 30-year-old Democrat denied the allegations but added in a statement, "Public service means knowing when to lead — and it also means knowing when to step aside."

His resignation was announced by Arizona House Democrats on Tuesday morning.

What happened?

The Hill noted:

He served in the Arizona House for less than two months, having been appointed in January to fill the vacated seat in the state’s 8th District, which covers parts of Tempe, Phoenix, South Scottsdale and West Mesa.

Hodge released a statement regarding his abrupt resignation following a damning report published by The Arizona Republic just a day before.

"Today and every day, I take responsibility for my actions,” Jevin Hodge (D) wrote in a statement. “I apologize now, again, to those that may have been caused pain by my actions. As a leader, I must demand more of myself."

Reportedly, the woman behind the sexual misconduct allegations reached out to the publication to share her story, which kicked off the very quick chain of events that led to his departure.

The sexual misconduct situation reportedly happened at George Washington University in 2015. The woman who made the allegations said she repeatedly rejected sexual advances allegedly initiated by Hodge.

Hodge denies wrongdoing

The Arizona Democrat's version of events were, unsurprisingly, in stark contrast to what the woman alleged, calling the encounter "consensual."

"We both had consumed alcohol and we remained clothed the entire time. I knew then as I know now that consent is non-negotiable, so when she made it clear she was not interested in continuing, we stopped. She called a taxi, and I walked her out," Hodge said in a statement.

"I take responsibility for all my actions and have used their experience to grow as an adult, but I must be clear: I unequivocally deny the allegations made against me," he added.

Hodge's seat will ultimately be filled by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

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