Arrest made in murder of man near airport named for Bill and Hillary Clinton

 February 23, 2024

Residents of Arkansas' capital city were horrified earlier this month after a body was found near the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport complex.

According to NBC affiliate KARK, the dead man was discovered shortly after noon on February 1 by officers with the Little Rock Police Department.

Twenty-six-year-old man facing capital murder charge in connection with death

The man had sustained multiple gunshot wounds, prompting homicide detectives to open an investigation into his death.

Personnel from the Pulaski County Coroner later transported the man's body to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for further investigation.

KARK reported on Thursday that the victim was subsequently identified as 23-year-old Pine Bluff resident Qwun'Don Marks.

Meanwhile, the news outlet also revealed that police have arrested 26-year-old Keith Kinchen of North Little Rock, who is facing a charge of capital murder.

Fifth arrest made over shooting of teenage boy this past fall

News of Kinchen's arrest came less than a week after KARK reported that the Little Rock Police Department arrested a man in connection with the murder of a 15-year-old this past fall.

Twenty-four-year-old Courtney Hood was taken into custody this past Saturday and charged with capital murder, making him the fifth person to be arrested over a shooting that claimed the life of Davin Holmes and left another teenager injured.

Hood's arrest came after 16-year-old Charles Gantt III, 19-year-old Markeise Murphy, 22-year-old Taquan Porter-Baker and 23-year-old Bryant Thompson Jr. were arrested as well.

Little Rock is one of America's most dangerous cities

Meanwhile, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette noted that Wednesday saw yet another fatal shooting in Little Rock which resulted in the death of Nicky Lamar along with another unidentified man.

Officers arrived at 4209 W. 24th St. around 12:30 a.m. where they came across Lamar, who had already succumbed to his wounds. The other individual was transported to the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences but ultimately passed away as well.

Mark Edwards is a spokesperson for the Little Rock Police Department, and said that the two victims are linked to one another, with authorities believing that one of the shootings may have been in self-defense.

The real estate website Neighborhood Scout notes that Little Rock has "a crime rate of 72 per one thousand residents," giving the city "one of the highest crime rates in America."

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