As recession looms, Washington Post calls to give jobs to foreign workers

 December 16, 2022

The far-left Washington Post is out with a lengthy article on a so-called "crisis" of "missing" foreign laborers, even as a serious recession threatens to derail life for millions of American citizens.

While painting a relative decrease in foreign labor as a national emergency, the Post's article only briefly acknowledges the roughly 100 million Americans who are not in the labor force, Breitbart reports.

WaPo clamors for cheap labor

The paper makes heavy use of predictable big business talking points about the jobs Americans "won't do" to paint a gloomy picture of the U.S. economy without access to cheap, foreign labor.

"A shortfall of immigrants is worsening widespread labor shortages and hobbling the U.S. economy at a time when more than 10 million jobs remain unfilled, particularly in low-paying and physically demanding industries such as hospitality, agriculture, construction and health care," the paper wrote.

Nowhere does the Post even consider the possibility of filling the roughly 10 million open positions in the U.S. economy with Americans.

The paper instead claims that the current labor shortage in America is driven by the absence of roughly 1.7 million foreign workers who are "missing" from the economy, largely because of former President Trump slashing immigration and the COVID pandemic.

Ignoring the real crisis

Capitalizing on the phony sense of urgency drummed up by papers like the Post, Congress has scrambled to pass an amnesty for so-called "dreamers" before the end of the lame duck session, but the effort appears to have failed.

Lawmakers also failed to move a bill called the Eagle Act that would eliminate per-country caps for employment visas, paving the way for predominantly Indian tech workers with H-1B visas to get green cards.

U.S. Tech Workers, which fights against the replacement of white-collar professionals by H-1B guest workers, observed that the clamoring for foreign labor ignores legitimate problems like shortages of affordable housing and secure jobs for Americans, amid a rise in young men who are aimless and unemployed.

"The labor force participation rate for young men (25-34) is declining,” U.S. Tech Workers tweeted. "Real wages are declining. The cost of housing, especially in urban areas and cities, have gone up astronomically. The government paid workers to stay home. But sure, 'less immigrants' is the problem."

Replacing a country

A shortage of affordable housing and well-paying jobs means fewer Americans getting married and having kids. Of course, liberals have often cited a sharp drop in U.S. births as yet another reason to ramp up the very mass immigration that is driving the decline of the middle class.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-Ny.) came right out and said it earlier this year, plugging mass amnesty as the "only" solution to America's demographic crisis.

"Now more than ever, we’re short of workers, we have a population that is not reproducing on its own with the same level that it used to," he said.

While journalists at the Washington Post are happy to advocate for cheap labor from abroad, one imagines they would feel differently if their own jobs were on the line. Apparently, their work is just too important. "Democracy dies in darkness" and all that, right?

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