Atlantic series about Trump winning second term shows failure of indictments

 December 11, 2023

A new piece in The Atlantic, part of a whole series that posits that former President Donald Trump will win a second term, shows that whatever happens in the courts with the Trump indictments, they have failed in their goal of bringing him down.

The piece by Helen Lewis is entitled, "The Left Can't Afford to Go Mad," and it cautions Democrats against knee-jerk reactions to a Trump victory.

Lewis hopes that her party will avoid many of the actions and reactions it had toward Trump in the past eight years, including the "fantasies" that impeachment, the Twenty-Fifth Amendment or the pee tape would get him removed from office.

They can't just pretend he got into office illegitimately, she said, and then "crack up" because other people don't see it that way.


Instead, she advises, the focus has to be on Trump's abuses of power and seek "converts rather than hunting heretics."

To be sure, there will always be plenty of people--even a significant number of Republicans--who don't like Trump, but the number of converts Democrats are likely to get may be few this time around.

Certainly, if the Democrat base has not noticed President Joe Biden's own egregious abuses of power at this point, why would they see Trump's actions that way outside of a bias against him?

By some estimates, Biden has spent more than $1 trillion using executive orders in the three-plus years he has been in office, and many of his major executive orders (student loans, COVID vaccines, border policies) have been struck down by the courts, including the Supreme Court.

Democrats claiming Trump abuses his power are a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.

What will X do?

She's also hoping that the "diminishment" of Twitter (now X) will keep Trump from dominating the news cycle this time around--but X will likely still have the power to break crucial stories unfavorable to Biden and favorable to Trump that the rest of social media will try to ignore.

If there's an equivalent to the Hunter Biden laptop October surprise in 2024, X will give it wings that it never would have had in 2020.

While Lewis may be wrong about which president has abused power and whether X will be able to impact election news, she's not wrong about what will happen if the left "goes bonkers" at the reality of a President Trump in 2025. It doesn't help either party when its movers and shakers go hysterical.

And Democrats had better buckle up: Trump now leads Biden in key swing states and in nationwide polling,

Unless Biden is able to show his fitness to continue leading, it looks like he's going to have a very rough path to victory in 2024.

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