Attorneys selected to sit on Donald Trump's NY jury

 April 18, 2024

As former President Donald Trump's New York Trial kicked off on Monday, the first order of business, which has taken several days, is seating the 12-person jury. 

Some of the juror selections have raised flags for those familiar with such matters, especially given the fact that two lawyers were selected to serve on the jury.

According to The Hill, one of President Trump's former attorneys remarked that it was "very unusual" for attorneys to sit on a jury -- especially two of them.

The problem, remarked the former Trump attorney, is that a single attorney on a jury panel can have a strong, often unfair influence on the rest of the jurors.

Can go either way

Former Trump attorney Timothy Parlatore weighed in on the juror selections during a recent CNN interview with Jake Tapper.

"It’s very unusual to have that many lawyers on a jury," he said.

The Hill noted:

Of those seven, one is a corporate attorney who lives in Chelsea and grew up in Oregon, while another juror is a civil litigator who lives in the Upper East Side and is originally from North Carolina.

Parlatore was then asked whether it was good or bad that the case has attorneys on the jury panel. He explained that it can go either way, depending on the case.

"I’ve never had one, but it certainly depends on the case. If you’re trying to mount a technical defense and have them really stick to what the law is, then having … an attorney on the jury can be a very good thing," Parlatore said.

"The problem with having a lawyer on the jury is that they can be a very strong voice and influence the rest of the panel," Parlatore said. "And so, if they are … strong to one side or the other, then that can swap everybody else on the panel."

Social media reacts

Social media users reacted to the attorneys being selected for Trump's jury.

"Everything about this case is unusual. It was cobbled together with bailing wire and duct tape," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "I was turned down for jury duty because I was married to a lawyer. Wow."

The trial is expected to last possibly until June. Only time will tell.

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