Australian news host rips 'mediocre' VP Harris for poor performance and 'truly terrible speeches'

 December 18, 2022

Vice President Kamala Harris has performed so poorly in her position that even outside observers from foreign countries have taken notice.

It was pointed out that Harris "continues to underperform" in her role as vice president within the "hopelessly inept administration" of President Joe Biden, according to a Saturday broadcast from Australian Sky News host Rita Panahi.

Harris is really bad at her job

"Talking about self-delighted and mediocre Californians," Panahi said to begin her weekly "reality check" segment, "Kamala Harris continues to underperform in a hopelessly inept administration."

The host noted that this was not the first time she had highlighted the "failures" of the former California attorney general and senator turned vice president, "particularly in her role as 'Border Czar'" -- the incomplete assignment she was given last year by President Biden to address the insecure southern border and surge of illegal immigration.

Panahi proceeded to share a few "examples of her truly terrible speeches," for which Harris has been widely mocked, as her prepared remarks often come across as jumbled and repetitive word salads reminiscent of a student delivering a report on a book they never actually read.

"Kamala's speeches are so bad that I have often wondered in the past whether her speechwriters secretly hate her," Panahi joked.

Harris' speechwriting impediment

On the topic of VP Harris' "terrible speeches," the Australian news host wasn't done yet, as she went to play a few clips from a humorous video produced by the satirical Babylon Bee website about a suit-wearing six-year-old named Oliver Bartholomew who served as a speechwriter for the vice president.

Indeed, interspersed among the young boy talking about his job as a speechwriter were select clips from actual speeches by Harris that truly do sound as though they had been written by a child.

To be sure, Harris doesn't actually have a six-year-old boy writing her speeches, but according to a report in October from the New York Post, the vice president is currently on her third speechwriter since taking office.

The newest speechwriter for Harris is a man named Dave Cavell, who took over for his immediate predecessor Meghan Groob, who exited that role in July after just three months on the job, ostensibly because she "failed to gel with Harris and her team while working remotely," per the Post.

Groob had in turn taken over in the absence of Harris' first speechwriter, Kate Childs Graham, who had left the VP's office in February along with several other senior staffers.

Deeply disfavorable among voters

Meanwhile, with regard to Panahi's assertion that Harris has woefully underperformed in her role as vice president, that is clearly evident in the tracking of her increasingly dismal combined average approval rating in the various major polls by the Los Angeles Times.

As of this past week, Harris draws a favorable opinion from just 39 percent of registered voters compared to 53 percent who have an unfavorable opinion of her, for a negative favorability rating of -14 percent, which is even worse than the -8 percent favorability rating for President Biden.

Supporters of Harris, what few there are, will undoubtedly put forward a bevy of excuses to dismiss or explain away her abysmal numbers, but they can't hide the glaring reality that is clearly visible on the opposite side of the globe that Harris is simply a terrible politician who has absolutely no business serving in elected office, much less as the vice president of the United States.

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