Autopsy reveals migrant boy died of sepsis in 'dirty' Chicago-based migrant center

 February 18, 2024

A five-year-old migrant boy tragically died in a Chicago migrant center in December, and the city and White House downplayed the incident. 

However, according to the New York Post, an autopsy revealed that Jean Carlos Martinez "was riddled with multiple illnesses," despite the city's claim that there was not an outbreak of illness at the Pilsen center, despite multiple children falling ill at the same time.

The migrant shelter in Chicago was described as "dirty," and many were not surprised to learn of the tragic fate of the young boy.

Martinez ultimately died from sepsis after contracting multiple illnesses, including COVID-19, Group A Strep, adenovirus, and rhinovirus, which the City of Chicago said became "rapidly fatal."

So much for "sanctuary"

Multiple reports have revealed that many of the 13,000 migrants in Chicago-based migrant centers are living in filth and other dangerous conditions, including cold temperatures.

A statement from the city read:

City officials still maintain that all shelter residents are given medical screenings, including “weekly on-site provider supporter, on-site vaccination events for COVID, varicella, and [the] flu.”

It also insisted that migrants have access to health centers for all healthcare needs, the statement read.

Those claims have been contested by many, and even though Gov. J.B. Pritzker has allotted tens of millions of dollars to the various migrant shelters, the conditions are reportedly not safe in many instances.

Even Democrats have admitted that the conditions in the Chicago-based shelters are simply unsafe, especially for migrant children and women.

So far, Illinois has spent nearly $500 million on supporting migrants and migrant shelters but still seems to have a perpetual list of problems, including the dangerous conditions.

Social media reacts

Users across social media reacted to Martinez's autopsy report.

"Zero infection precautions and inadequate medical care, horrific," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "That poor, poor gorgeous little guy. I can’t even begin to imagine the torment his parents must be going through; they migrated in hopes of a better life, and not only is it the opposite of better, there isn’t even a life. How on earth does one keep going."

President Joe Biden's open borders continue to wreak havoc on migrant families who believe they're bound for greener pastures, only to end up sick or dead at the hands of Democratic leadership. What a shame.

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