Baltimore Democrat faces prison time following perjury and fraud conviction

 February 8, 2024

In 2022, then State's Attorney of Baltimore Marilyn Mosby voiced support for President Joe Biden's decision to pardon those convicted of simple marijuana possession.

However, Mosby could use a pardon of her own now that the high-profile Democrat is facing as many as 40 years behind bars. 

Ex-prosecutor found guilty of perjury and mortgage fraud

According to the Daily Mail, a jury convicted Mosby this past Tuesday on one count of mortgage fraud along with one count of perjury.

The mortgage fraud conviction carries a maximum 30-year penalty while the perjury charge could land her an additional 10 years in prison.

However, legal experts told the Daily Mail that the former state attorney will almost certainly be given a far lighter sentence.

During her trial, federal prosecutors explained how in 2022 Mosby used a false COVID hardship claim to illegally access her retirement fund, with the money being used to purchase luxury property in Florida.

They included Aaron Zelinsky, who at one point reminded the jury of Mosby's legal background, saying, "She was the top prosecutor in the city of Baltimore and oversaw hundreds of lawyers. You know what prosecutors know a lot about? Fraud. Mortgage fraud."

FBI agent says Mosby undermined confidence in public officials

Acting Special Agent in Charge R. Joseph Rothrock heads up the FBI's Baltimore Field Office, and he welcomed the jury's verdict.

"Ms. Mosby's conduct undermines the confidence the public deserves to have in their government officials," Rothrock said in a press release put out on Tuesday.

"The jury’s decision holds Ms. Mosby accountable for disregarding the laws she swore to uphold," the federal law enforcement officer continued.

"The FBI works diligently to ensure that anyone who engages in fraud and corruption will be held accountable for their bad acts," Rothrock went on to add.

Mosby's husband tells reporter that he doesn't expect to be charged

Mosby is married to City Council President Nick Mosby, who testified at his wife's trial and later spoke with Fox Baltimore reporter Mikenzie Frost following her conviction.

When Frost asked Mr. Mosby if he was worried about the possibility of facing similar charges, the local politician said that he had no such concerns.

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