Barack Obama humiliates himself by adding Palestinians into Passover address, no comment on hostages held by terrorists

 April 23, 2024

Former President Barack Obama enraged Americans with a humiliating Passover address that shoehorned in Palestinians while failing to mention Israeli hostages held by terrorists.

Obama used the specifically Jewish holiday to call for empathy for both “Israel and Gaza,” and for solidarity with “people of all religions." Such statements would be totally appropriate on any other occasion but his address was clearly hijacking a Jewish tradition that stretches back into Biblical times.

In a post to X on Monday, Obama wrote, "This Passover, let’s remember everyone who is unable to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones. And in a time when there’s been so much suffering and loss in Israel and Gaza, let’s reaffirm our commitment to the Jewish people, and people of all religions, who deserve to feel safe and secure wherever they live and practice their faith. Chag Sameach."

Nowhere in his address did Obama condemn Hamas for holding 133 Israeli hostages who aren't able to celebrate Passover with their families.

Shameful message

Obama's address was crafted to be safe while inserting leftist talking points to take subtle shots at Israel all while failing to talk about the hardships facing Israel.

The aforementioned 133 hostages didn't deserve a message from the former president. Those 133 Israelis were captured during the horrific and barbaric October 7th attack that sparked the war, and have no doubt been suffering horrific treatment at the hands of terrorists.

Israel's intense war against Hamas has been waged in an effort to free those hostages and punish the terrorists who committed horrific attacks.

But the Democrat Party and Obama's ideological allies have been openly attacking Israel and borderline defending Hamas.

Democrats have become so hostile to Israel that antisemitic protests at elite universities have broken out and prominent Democrats have seemingly endorsed the protests.

Not once did Obama mention growing antisemitism in his address for the Passover which is all about the Jewish people escaping oppression and slavery.

Obama and his compatriots view Israel as an oppressive apartheid state despite the fact that they are a democratic nation that has been attacked multiple times by barbaric terrorists. This shameful statement is a reminder of the repulsive views that Democrats hold.

Antisemitism on the rise

The Democrat Party has embraced the Palestinian cause because of the view that Israel is somehow an oppressor state despite the fact that Israel is a democracy that has been attacked multiple times by authoritarian and theocratic regimes.

One of the protestors who was arrested at the Columbia University protest was the daughter of Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) who has a long history of antisemitic remarks that most Democrats refused to condemn.

Now Omar's views are no longer fringe and if Obama had been sincere in his Passover address he would have taken time to condemn the insidious antisemitism that has grown among Democrats.


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