Barack Obama picked Biden because 'he was bad with money': author

October 30, 2023

Is it just a coincidence that Joe Biden is destroying the economy? Not exactly. According to Breaking Biden author Alex Marlow, Barack Obama chose his running mate because he was "bad with money." 

Marlow, who is also Breitbart's editor-in-chief, shared the details with investigative journalist Peter Schweizer on a podcast.

Biden's peculiar "virtue"

As Marlow noted, Obama saw a "virtue" in Biden's modest means, presumably because it made him relatable.

“One of the reasons why Barack Obama picked Joe Biden was specifically because he was poor,” Marlow continued. “[Obama] actually liked the optics of having one of the poorest guys in the Senate."

Marlow drew a link between Biden's handling of his personal finances and his widely panned stewardship of the U.S. economy.

"Joe Biden’s family has made money and lost it so many times you lose count. And that was a virtue for Barack Obama," he said.

"And it just haunts me that [Biden] was tapped specifically for being bad with money. And now we’ve got the Biden inflation. We’ve got these insane EV policies that enrich China.”

From poor man to "big guy"

During his time in the Senate, Biden often bragged about being one of the poorest members. But years later, millions know Biden as "the big guy" who traded on his influence to enrich his family, Schweizer noted.

"What’s remarkable about that story, by the way, is Barack Obama says, ‘I’m going to get this guy who’s poor, who they would argue hasn’t cashed in.’ And what does Joe Biden do? ‘I’m Vice President now. Now’s the opportunity to really make bank!’ I mean, it’s shocking,” Schweizer said.

E-mails from Hunter Biden's laptop suggest that Biden was sometimes dependent on his son's financial support.

Best friends?

Joe Biden also has a complicated and tense relationship with Obama, despite their public friendship.

There have been reports that Obama is jealous of his old VP, whose own presidency is so far to the left that Obama looks moderate by comparison.

Biden has reportedly nursed his own resentments over the years about being underestimated by Obama, who dissuaded Biden from running for president in 2016 in favor of Hillary Clinton. In 2020, Obama was hardly more supportive and notoriously warned allies about Biden's ability to "f-- things up."

Still, Biden's White House is loaded with Obama staffers, and Obama and Biden talk regularly.

If it was Obama's life-long mission to destroy the country, his efforts are bearing fruit.

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