Barack Obama's daughters keep low profile as questions swirl about his wife

 December 26, 2023

Sasha and Malia Obama have chosen to maintain a low profile since their father left the White House nearly seven years ago.

However, relatively rare photos of former President Barack Obama's daughters have emerged showing that the two are busy living their lives. 

Columnist hails Malia Obama as "a new menswear icon" for fashion choice

In October, GQ magazine contributor Eileen Cartter noted how "the former president’s daughters, 25-year-old Malia and 22-year-old Sasha, have managed to keep their digital lives almost entirely private," a feat she called "impressive."

Still, Cartter was able to highlight a photo showing Malia smoking a cigarette outside of a convenience store in Los Angeles.

The columnist jokingly hailed Ms. Obama as "a new menswear icon" for her choice of clothing, which included "an earth-toned cropped knit cardigan from the Australian brand Kina & Tam."

She had also donned "lug-soled black boots, and high-waisted pleated wool slacks" which featured "one dart, two pleats, zero notes."

Sasha Obama puts on colorful bikini top for daytime Labor Day party

That image emerged just weeks after Malia's sister was photographed smoking a cigarette of her own over Labor Day weekend.

According to Page Six, Sasha Obama turned up  at a daytime party in West Hollywood, California while dressed in "a barely-there, colorful bikini top, which she paired with a midriff-baring, blue maxi skirt."

"She wore her long, braids loose and left her belly button ring on full display, as she appeared to go makeup-free for the outing," the website went on to point out.

While Sasha and Malia may have gotten little attention in recent years, their mother's name has been increasingly in the news due to speculation over whether she will run for president.

Ted Cruz: There is "a very real chance" Democrats will nominate Michelle Obama

Among those who believe that former First Lady Michelle Obama will launch a White House bid next year is Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

During an appearance in November on "Fox & Friends," Cruz highlighted President Joe Biden's abysmal poll numbers and suggested that Democrats may grow desperate for a viable alternative.

The Texas Republican argued that there is "a very real chance" the Democratic Party will "jettison" the president and "parachute in" the former first lady as his replacement.

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