Barack Obama's Hollywood ties remain strong amid speculation his wife will run for president

 October 10, 2023

Former President Barack Obama has long been known for his extensive ties to Hollywood and the music industry, with Vox once describing him as "the perfect pop culture president."

Those connections remained even after Obama left office, with the website The Things recently publishing a list of the former president's celebrity pals.  

Former president maintains a famous circle of friends

It described Obama's friendship with music power couple Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z as having "deep roots," with the former president even incorporating the latter's rap lyrics into some of his speeches.

Another powerful friend is talk show pioneer and media mogul Oprah Winfrey, who Obama bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom upon in 2013.

Actor George Clooney is another close associate of the former president, with the pair seen boating together on Italy's Lake Como in 2019.

Then there is movie legend Tom Hanks, who famously declared that he would vote for Obama a third time if it were an option.

Growing speculation that Michelle Obama will run for president

However, former President Obama has received less attention than his wife in recent week amid growing speculation that she may run for his old job.

The Daily Mail reported earlier this month that Mr. Obama remained silent when reports questioned him about the subject outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles.

"Barack said something inaudible to waiting photographers but did not clearly respond to the question," the article stated.

Ted Cruz says Mrs. Obama would pose "a very serious danger"

That reticence to speak up didn't prevent Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz from expressing concern that former First Lady Michelle Obama will replace President Joe Biden at the top of the Democratic Party's ticket.

"Here's the scenario that I think is perhaps the most likely and most dangerous," Cruz said late last month on his podcast "Verdict with Ted Cruz."

"In August of 2024, the Democrat kingmakers [will] jettison Joe Biden and parachute in Michelle Obama," he continued, adding, "I view this as a very serious danger."

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