Barbra Steisand calls Trump unfit to be president

 November 8, 2023

Barbra Streisand called former President Donald Trump unfit to be president in her new memoir while referring to Bill and Hillary Clinton as the "most appealing couple."

Her book, "My Name Is Barbra," was released on Tuesday at nearly 1,000 pages in length, including an audiobook version that is over 48 hours long.

Blasting Trump

“You wouldn’t go to a doctor who has no qualifications or experience in treating your disease. Why on earth would people want to entrust our country to a narcissist whose lack of experience, recklessness, and blatant disregard for the truth made him completely unfit to be president?” she wrote concerning Trump.

“What worried me was that the younger generation would emulate this man, who showed no kindness or empathy for other human beings," she added.

Friends with the Clintons

"Streisand also detailed her more than 30-year friendship with Clinton, after being 'blown away' when hearing him speak in 1992 while eyeing a Democrat to put her star power behind in the presidential race," the Hill reported.

“They were the most appealing couple,” Streisand said of Bill and Hillary Clinton, describing the then-Arkansas governor as “smart and charismatic.”

Hillary's support

"I admired @BarbraStreisand long before I met her. Now we've been friends for 30-plus years," Hillary Clinton wrote on X.

"On the occasion of her brilliant new memoir, we had one of our signature long and sprawling conversations about life and work—but in the podcast booth this time," she stated.

Streisand's personal views, however, appear at odds with many American voters. Trump continues to lead among GOP candidates and is leading President Joe Biden in several polls in a hypothetical rematch.

The memoir's words may attack Trump but it's clear that the former president is not done yet as he seeks a comeback for the White House next year.

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